‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Have Spoken Out Amid Split Rumours

Rumours have been making their rounds online after it was reported that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky ended their 27-year marriage.

The ‘RHOBH’ star and her spouse, a real estate broker, have reportedly been living apart for some time but are still married.

Since the news came out, dozens of fans have shared their thoughts, with one writing: “Wow!!! From the looks of the show they seemed happy, one of the few couples I thought would have stayed together . I do think the camera forces one to act a certain way, but when cameras are down the act is over.”

While another added: “He tired of her. Sad to hear but I seen it coming hope they pray and can work it out. She let the “Real Housewifes” get to her head.”

For those who don’t know, Kyle and Mauricio met in a nightclub barely two years prior to being married in 1996. The pair share three girls together, Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23, and Portia, 15.

When the reality series debuted in 2012, fans were first introduced to Kyle and Mauricio, who remained for all 12 seasons. They always appeared very content together, and when the cameras aren’t filming, according to Mauricio, they were still the same, happy couple.

He told People back in 2013: “We’re the same, with or without cameras. We’re just super real and we know each other and we’re real. We don’t have any secrets to hide. That’s one thing we talked about, the skeletons in our closet, and we can handle our worst skeletons.”

When Kyle was photographed without her wedding band back in April, Mauricio addressed the gossip and insisted that they were not divorcing.

Additionally, there have been rumours that Kyle is dating country music star Morgan Wade after the two recently spent some time together. To add to the rumours, they reportedly have identical heart tattoos, according to TMZ.

However, since the rumours came out, Kyle has spoken out, revealing in an Instagram post: “In regards to the news that came out about us today… Any claims regarding us divorcing are untrue.”

She revealed in the post that they “have had a rough year”, and that it was “the most challenging one of our marriage”.

“But we both love and respect each other tremendously,” Richards continued. “There has been no wrongdoing on anyone’s part.

“Although we are in the public eye, we ask to be able to work through our issues privately. While it may be entertaining to speculate, please do not create false stories to fit a further salacious narrative.”

She went on to thank fans for their “love and support” during this time.

It seems that the real estate broker has also denied speculation, in an appearance on the podcast Two T’s in a Pod, he said: “We’re not getting divorced. I mean, it’s so dumb. That one stupid story that came out there and then the girls all, you know, decided to talk about it on the Housewives, and so now it’s a storyline.”

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