Hailey Bieber Faces Backlash For Her Choice Of Dress For Friend’s Wedding

Fans are bashing Hailey Bieber online, following reports that she attended the wedding of her friend Stephanie Shepherd in a white dress…

The ultimate cardinal sin at any wedding.

In the recent ceremony, Shepherd wed Larry Jackson, a record producer and former global creative director at Apple Music.

Jackson and Shepherd first met when Kanye West was under Shepherd’s management, and they later reconnected in Miami for a stop on the rapper’s Life of Pablo tour.

She has admitted previously that this was not the only buddy of West’s that she had dated.

“I didn’t date anyone at all for, like, the first two years working with Kim because there just wasn’t time,” she told Refinery29 back in2017. “And then I did meet a DJ who worked with Kanye, but it just didn’t work out — we were too busy. But man, that probably sounds so bad. I really should stop dating Kanye’s friends!”

Shepherd later cut ties from The Kardashians, revealing that she didn’t feel fulfilled in her job working with Kim, but despite parting ways professionally, Kardashian and Shepherd are still good friends. She even made an appearance on The Kardashians to support her old employer during her most important times.

According to images from the celebrations published by the DailyMail, Bieber, 26, and her husband Justin Bieber attended the Beverly Hills wedding over the weekend. They were joined by other celebs including Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Malika Haqq.

Bieber’s fashion selection has drawn criticism from followers on social media, with some attacking the model’s decision to wear white to a wedding.

“The only thing I want to know is why the f*** you wore white to a WEDDING,” one person commented on Instagram, in the comment section of Bieber’s photos, while another asked: “Why is she wearing white to a wedding???”

“Isn’t it against wedding law to wear anything close to white to a wedding?” someone else wrote. “I’m not even hating but it’s a huge yikes…”

Another agreed: “Babygirl, you don’t wear white to a wedding EVER!!”

However, some backed the model up, with another writing: “Her dress is light blue, not white,” while another said: “Before y’all start with your think pieces… the dress is baby blue. She wore baby blue head to toe.”

While most guests agreed that white shouldn’t be worn to weddings in general, several noted that Shepherd may have asked that guests choose black or white for her wedding for aesthetics.

“The theme was white and black right? Because it doesn’t make sense for this woman to be in WHITE at a wedding. I’ll be giving the benefit of the doubt,” one person tweeted.

Fans also questioned the propriety of Kim Kardashian’s dress, which had a bra-style top and a cut-out skirt, so Bieber was not the first wedding guest to get criticism for her attire. One critic questioned, “Is she going to a club or a wedding?”

What do you make of Bieber’s choice of wedding attire, did you think it was appropriate, or downright rude?

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