Robert Irwin Makes Red Carpet Debut With Heath Ledger’s Niece

Robert Irwin and his girlfriend Rorie Buckley were spotted at the latest Mission Impossible movie’s premiere on July 3.

Rorie is the daughter of Kate Ledger, and niece of the late Heath Ledger, who starred in The Dark Knight, as well as many other hit movies.

The couple wore similar black attire for their first red carpet outing together at the event.

Rumours of their relationship started to circulate in November when the duo was pictured together on a Queensland beach.

Following that, in December, they were spotted chatting with Terri Irwin, the mother of Robert Irwin, while visiting their famous Aussie Zoo.

Robert’s loving mother, reportedly harboured worries that the young couple may be pushing towards marriage too soon, according to New Idea magazine.

“Terri believes that Robert is progressing at an overly accelerated pace,” revealed an anonymous source to the publication.

The source continued, disclosing Terri’s viewpoint, “Rorie is an absolute sweetheart, and it is evident why Robert is completely smitten. However, Terri recognizes the gravity of the situation.”

Terri tentatively wants to help her son through this period of his life, drawing a connection to her own whirlwind relationship with the late Steve Irwin, who became her husband just eight months after they started dating in 1992.

Robert, who has a reputation for being romantic, seems to want to repeat his parents’ happy marriage and is anxiously awaiting the chance to propose to Rorie.

Even though Rorie lives in Perth and Robert is currently located in Australia Zoo in Queensland, their relationship is still strong because to their mutual love and dedication.

However, Nathan, Rorie’s father, indicated that he “totally” approved of the young couple’s relationship when asked about it. And when you see them both together, it’s understandable why he gives his blessing.

We’re sure Robert’s dad, Steve Irwin, would have said the same.

As many will be aware, Steve tragically passed away back in 2006 after he was injured by a stingray while filming a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Better known to us all as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, Steve made a name for himself with a variety of wildlife documentaries and series. Along with his wife Terri, Steve founded the Australia Zoo, which still remains in the family’s hands today.

Numerous admirers have remarked on Robert’s uncanny similarity to his late father as the 19-year-old now continues in his father’s footsteps.

having amassed a significant fanbase on TikTok, thousands of his 19 million fans have brought up the fact, however, many have called them out over the comments, pointing out that Robert doesn’t need the constant reminder of his death.

Since the news came out about their red carpet appearance, dozens have taken to social media to share their thoughts, with one writing: “They make a nice looking couple. If they make each other happy, good luck to them both.”

While a second said: “I remember when she was just a little kid when her uncle passed and he was too, hard to believe they’re all grown up now!”

“Oh, they look so good together,” a third gushed.

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