Salma Hayek Sends Fans Wild As She Shares Thirst Trap Bikini Video

Salma Hayek, a Hollywood legend, dazzled viewers by wearing a tiny bikini as she flaunted her amazing physique for a training video in the pool.

Fans are, understandably, losing their minds.

The actress uploaded the bikini video to Instagram, along with a thank-you note as she was celebrating reaching 25 million followers on social media.

Now, Hayek is an absolute legend of cinema. Born on September 2, 1966, she gained international fame for her roles in both Mexican and Hollywood films.

Hayek’s breakthrough came in 2002 with the film Frida, in which she portrayed renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, earning her an Academy Award nomination.

She has since appeared in numerous successful movies, including Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Eternals and Grown Ups. Her most recent movie, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, saw Hayek get up close and personal with Channing Tatum.

“That was the one want for how we are in this story,” Tatum told ET about her casting. “I just really wanted the strongest possible [woman] and she came in [and] actually controlled the whole thing. She came and saved our movie because we had a bunch of men that were trying to tell a story about a woman.”

Aside from Hollywood, Hayek is also involved in humanitarian work and women’s rights activism. Her talent, beauty, and advocacy have made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

So, it’s no surprise that when the star posts to Instagram, all hell breaks loose.

Hayek is known for posting pics of her incredible physique online, and in a recent video posted to her Instagram page, fans went mad!

She captioned the racy video: ““I can’t believe it, 25 million followers! Thank you soo soo much to every single one of you.

“Seeing as you all like my bikini pictures the most, here’s a bikini workout for you all.

“I hate exercising- but I love to celebrate good moments dancing in the water.”

The celebrity looked stunning as she jumped around and performed water aerobics while wearing a little triangle bikini top.

The next videos showed the Academy Award contender performing crunches on the stairs before switching exercises to leg kicks.

She finished the workout with dancing, her preferred type of cardio.

It didn’t take long for fans to gush over the celebrity in the comment section, with one writing: “Everyone should hit like on this post. Someone who takes care of herself and no makeup or filters. She’s simply the best!”

While another said: “Sweet baby Jesus. The amount of traffic accidents that just happen with people watching this while driving is probably astronomical. You’re a damn powerhouse.”

“Salma out here with the thirst traps at 56 is wild lol,” a third added.

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