The Number Of Celebrities In Kristen Bell’s Picture Is Blowing People’s Minds

Fans are having a hard time believing the sheer amount of celebs in Kristen Bell’s recent Idaho holiday shot shared on Instagram.

The photo featured dozens of celebrities all hanging out at what appeared to be a dinner party.

In the picture was Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox from Friends, Bell’s husband Dax Shepard, Adam Scott from Severance, John Mulaney, and Olivia Munn, just to name a few.

Jimmy Fallon, Jake Tapper, from CNN, and Shiri Appleby, from UnREAL, were all there too.

It didn’t take long for people to pick up on the number of celebrities in the image, and Netflix editorial staffer Cole Delbyck Tweeted: “This photo from Kristen Bell’s dinner party gets increasingly WTF as you go down the table.”

“I’m having a hard time choosing my desired seat – between Aniston and Bateman or Scott and Mulaney?” one fan replied.

Someone who commented on the video noted that it was really from Jimmy Kimmel’s yearly vacation at his South Fork Lodge, which he owns, where he invites his celebrity friends to hang out. 

Bell previously discussed the holiday in a 2019 Forbes interview. According to her, “probably like 40 friends” go each year.

“Jimmy Kimmel and [his wife, Jimmy Kimmel Live producer] Molly McNearney, who are two of our best friends, organise it,” she said.

“They run that camping trip the way they run the show. So, everybody has a job. They’re like you’re on crafts, you’re on cooking, you’re on the generator, whatever. It’s super fun.”

In the comments section of Bell’s post, her fans expressed their opinions. One person wrote, “Holy crap that’s a table of legends.”

“Going seat by seat at that dinner was just the gift that kept on giving lol,” a second commented.

“I’m just imagining being in a small Idaho airport and seeing this hoard of A-listers arriving,” a third said.

Another added: “I’m just imagining being in a small Idaho airport and seeing this hoard of A-listers arriving lmao.”

While someone else said: “When you keep zooming in and realize how many amazingly talented people are around that table…”

We can’t quite believe it!

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