New Angle Shows What Happened To Fan After Cardi B Threw Microphone At Her

Cardi B made a stand against a fan who recently threw a drink at the star as she was on stage during a recent concert.

It comes amid a rush of recent similar incidents at all kinds of concerts. In the last few months alone, American singer Pink was presented with a bag of ashes from one fan, whereas Bebe Rexa recently suffered some nasty injuries after being hit on the face from a fan’s phone that was thrown on stage.

Following recent incidents, some musicians, including Adele, have spoken out against fans throwing stuff at artists, but it seems some fans just aren’t listening.

The latest occurrence of this kind of fan behaviour saw the performer hit back, with rapper Cardi B throwing her microphone in retaliation towards a fan who threw their drink at her.

During a rendition of her hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ in Las Vegas, the star found herself being soaked as one fan threw the contents of their drink onto the star. Without missing a beat, Cardi aggressively threw her microphone down at the fan in response, looking clearly disgruntled.


Cardi B was on stage performing in Las Vegas when an audience member appeared to throw a drink at her. Clearly upset, she reacted immediately by throwing her microphone into the crowd as security guards rushed to the stage. #CNN #News #CardiB

♬ original sound – CNN

Fans have responded to the footage, which has emerged all over social media, including on Cardi’s own social media, as she retweeted the clip.

“I would have been livid,” one person wrote after watching the clip.

A second penned: “Don’t f*** with Cardi B… Plain and simple.”

While a third wrote: “I mean she has every right to be p*ssed, could have been acid in that cup.”

Following the shocking footage’s circulation, a clip filmed from a different angle has emerged, and shown the real picture of what happened to the fan who threw the drink in the first place.


im just glad cardi got good aim😂😂😂 #fyp #cardib #drais

♬ original sound – Mayah🫶🏽

The fresh angle shows Cardi as the fan throws the drink, before panning around to the fan’s face, and she is evidently in shock. The clip shows her apologising profusely to the star, before security comes into the audience to speak to her.

“She looked genuinely sorry and confused like she wasn’t even tryna throw her drink on her,” one person wrote in the comments.

A second added: “It looks like she was just throwing her hands in the air all crazy but forgot she had a drink in her hand.”

A third wrote: “So the wrong person got hit with that mic.”

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