Woman Who Threw 36G Bra At Drake Admits She Wants To Date Him After DMs

After receiving DMs from Drake, the woman who tossed her size 36G bra at him during his performance confesses she’s been considering dating him.

In recent weeks, 21-year-old Veronica Correia has become widely known. You will undoubtedly already know quite a deal about her thanks to the media attention she received for her bra size.

On July 23, she had gone to see Drake perform at Madison Square Garden in New York, and she had made a joke about tossing her bra on stage, a decision that has totally changed her life.

After catching her bra, Drake then said: “36G? Locate this woman immediately.”

Since then, Correia has now registered as a creator on the new app for Playboy magazine, and has even reportedly received some messages from Drake personally as well.

Correia has also gained over 25k followers on TikTok, and a whopping 92.8k followers on Instagram. She later opened up about everything on an episode of the Club Ambition podcast.

She was asked by the host: “In a fantasy world, if Drake were to ask you on a date or wants to actually be with Miss 36G, would you actually take him up on that opportunity? Would you see yourself actually being with Drake? Or is it just fandom?”

She responded that she’d love to meet him, but confessed: “this is already overwhelming – my 90,000 followers – so I really don’t know if I could keep up with that life.”

She claims that dating Drake would be a “dream come true,” but she believes there would be “some problems” if she did so. She has ‘been thinking’ about dating him, though.

She added: “But I think to meet him that would be awesome – I’d definitely do that. Maybe go on a date.”

Correia has also shared that she has received a lot of hate from trolls online about her appearance, and that Drake reassured her. She posted a screenshot from the singer, in which he wrote: “Just continue on with your amazing life. People are faceless. They would never say it to you in person.”

What do you make of the incredible story?

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