7ft Model Shares Bikini Photo That Shows Her ‘4ft Legs’

Fans gushed over the “4-foot-long legs” of a model who claimed to be 7 feet tall as she strutted along the beach in a small leopard print bikini.

Twenty eight year old Marie Temara, claims to make up to £250,000 each month selling nude photos on an adult site by flaunting her enormous height.

After sharing a seductive coastal bikini photo with her 1.3 million Instagram followers on Tuesday, the Palm Beach, Florida resident had hearts racing.

The tall model displayed her stunning physique while donning a small two-piece leopard print bikini.

“Built for speed,” she playfully captioned the picture. “Wanna go for a ride?”

However, it seems that fans are eager to declare the controversial On****ns performer a fraud despite her claims that she is 7 feet tall on social media.

A closer look revealed that the member of the self-proclaimed “Tallest Family on Instagram” was actually a relatively mediocre 6ft 2ins, not her claimed height.

“Why do you feel the need to lie?” said one astute social media user, while another added, “According to Google, Marie is actually 6ft 2ins.”


No love for the tall girls🥹💔 who likes 7 footers?! Asking for a friend… #tallgirl #dating #funny


Marie attributes her popularity to a sizeable population of people who have an attraction to gigantism, or bigger women in general.

Fans on social media rave about Marie’s long legs, despite her over-exaggerating her height, and the adult star undoubtedly caters to their desires.

She recently tweeted a photo of her legs wearing a particularly tight pair of shorts, along with the message, “Let me crush you with my thighs.”

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