Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out After Backlash Over ‘Horrifically Antisemitic’ Instagram Post

After drawing criticism for liking Jamie Foxx’s allegedly “horrifically antisemitic” Instagram post, Jennifer Aniston has released a comment.

Unsurprisingly, the popular Friends star received backlash for the move.

This comes just weeks after the actress was praised online for her stunning bikini snaps.

One ardent Instagram user called the actress “the most beautiful woman in the world,” and another fan praised Jen’s unmistakable beauty while appreciating the faultless execution of the shot.

While another commented: “Easily the most characteristically beautiful woman I can think of. Her sheer magnetism and humorous sparkle make me feel instantly better every single time.”

“If there was ever a lady I don’t know but am still totally in love with. It’s the very talented oh so gorgeous Miss Jennifer Aniston,” a third wrote.

Jennifer Aniston is used to receiving such admiration. In 2005, she was named Woman of the Year by GQ Magazine, and in 2016, she was named the most attractive woman in the world by People.

However, Aniston has spoken out against being objectified by the media, back in 2016 in a Huffington Post essay, she wrote: “We use celebrity ‘news’ to perpetuate this dehumanizing view of females,” Aniston wrote.

“The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing,” she added. “The way I am portrayed by the media is simply a reflection of how we see and portray women in general, measured against some warped standard of beauty.”

“Here’s where I come out on this topic: we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. That decision is ours and ours alone,” she said. “Let’s make that decision for ourselves and for the young women in this world who look to us as examples. Let’s make that decision consciously, outside of the tabloid noise. We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own ‘happily ever after’ for ourselves.”

Her words of wisdom are what really make her “the most beautiful woman in the world” for so many women and girls out there that look up to the star.

However, after an unexpected move by the star, dozens of fans are slamming her. Aniston allegedly liked a post by Jamie Foxx that many have said was “horrifically antisemitic.”

The 55-year-old actor posted a mysterious, since-deleted message on his Instagram earlier this week that read, “They killed this dude name Jesus…what do you think they’ll do to you???” The hashtags #fakefriends and #fakelove were also added to his message. 

He later apologised for the post, explaining: “I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post,” he wrote. “I now know my choice of words have caused offense and I’m sorry. That was never my intent.”

“To clarify, I was betrayed by a fake friend and that’s what I meant with ‘they’ not anything more,” the Ray star continued. “I only have love in my heart for everyone. I love and support the Jewish community. My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended.”

The Friends star responded to the allegations that she could have been endorsing the statements linked to Foxx’s post on her own Instagram Story.

“This really makes me sick,” her statement began. “I did not ‘like’ this post on purpose or by accident. And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds – I do NOT support any form of antisemitism.”

“I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period,” she ended the post.

What do you make of it?

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