The Reason Why The View Isn’t On For The Rest Of August

The View will have a lengthy hiatus in between new episodes due to a planned break.

However, this isn’t anything to do with the recent strikes, and is pretty normal, as the hosts typically take a long summer vacation once the season is ended.

The live broadcast will be replaced with replays of past episodes on ABC.

The 26th season of the ABC talk show concluded on Friday, August 4. Following this, the hosts left for their annual vacation.

When the WGA initially went on strike in May, Whoopi said at the start of the following day’s show that viewers would “hear how it would be when it’s not, you know, slicked up” and that they would continue to air “because we want to keep everybody employed, and we want to do our best, and we support our writers ’cause we know what they’re going through.”

Later, Whoopi made it clear that The View is run under the network code, not the contract that is now being renegotiated, when SAG joined the walkout in July.

“Like the soap operas and game shows and news shows, we work under a different kind of contract which is called the network code which means that we are allowed to continue on,” she explained. “As we’re not actors at the table acting ‘The View,’ it’s a different kind of context. So that’s why we’re still able to work.”

Whoopi said, “People are just trying to get a balance.” Adding that they support what the striking actors and writers are asking for.

“So that’s why we’re that’s why we’re working today. We want it to all work out for everybody because nobody wants to see folks on strike because it’s never good when you have to make a noise to say, ‘Hey, we’re here,’” she continued. “But you do it as long as you need to do it, so we’re backing everybody up.”

The strikes may still be ongoing when The View resumes on September 5, but as of yet, neither guild has begun a new round of discussions, so it’s still unknown.

Dozens of people have shared their thoughts on the recent news, with one writing: “Wonderful ladies that tell the truth. Enjoy your vacation!! Love the show.”

While another wrote: “They always got time off at this time of the year. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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