New iPhone 15 Set To Have The ‘Biggest Changes In Years’

Apple is expected to make some rather big changes when it introduces its new version of the well-known smartphone later this year.

Although the tech company hasn’t yet specified a release date for its upcoming product, it has been customary for it to introduce its most recent models during its Apple Special Event, which is held in September.

Given this, it’s likely that Mark Gurman, an Apple specialist and prominent technology writer for Bloomberg, isn’t entirely off track when he asserts that the iPhone 15 will debut on September 12 or 13, around two weeks before it’s scheduled to go on sale on September 22.

The unveiling will be the “biggest update to the device in three years,” according to Gurman, who claimed to have learned of the date during Apple’s post-earnings conference call earlier this month.

A few other changes will also be made, starting with the appearance of the phone.

According to early rumours about the device, it is predicted to have a somewhat smaller body and more rounded corners, perhaps more like the original iPhones.

According to reports, the phone’s edges, glass, and back all feature a little curvature that will make it more comfortable for the user to handle. In addition, Pro versions of the gadget are anticipated to include a titanium frame, which is more costly and better quality than the iPhone’s existing stainless steel frame.

According to reports, Apple has created two new parts that, by employing haptic technology, simulate pressing buttons without really doing so, taking the place of the phone’s side buttons.

Additionally, a new 48-megapixel primary rear camera will reportedly be included in the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

One of the few areas that Apple has already revealed is the phone’s charging port, which was in doubt after a European directive requiring that all new phones have a USB-C charging connection.

Numerous individuals have commented on the new smartphone since it was announced online. It appears that not everyone is excited about the newest model, one person said: “Maybe it will be something really innovative and have a folding screen. Oh wait…3 other android makers have already been doing that for a couple years.”

“They are never drastic, every year you get more memory a little better display and bit faster. That’s not drastic, in fact apple iPhone/iPad are same same every year and are boring devices, there is no WOW factor!” a second echoed.

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