Britney ‘To Be Banned From Instagram’ For Posting This Picture

Britney Spears is no stranger to a wacky Instagram post or two, but the forty-one-year-old recently landed herself in some hot water by posting a rather controversial snap.

Ever since her restrictive conservatorship ended, forty-one-year-old Britney has been causing a stir with her antics and making headlines across the world.

At first, she was delighting fans with the glimpse of newfound freedom, but it wasn’t long before fans began to grow concerned for the star.

This follows some erratic behaviour over the past year that has stirred up plenty of attention online.

Earlier this year, fans were left concerned about Brit’s well-being once again, after her Instagram account disappeared from the site. In total, she has reportedly deactivated her account a whopping 8 times over the last year.

Fans were so concerned about the star in fact, that one time they called the Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Office, and the police actually paid a visit to Britney at her home, as per TMZ.

She took to Twitter to share her response, writing: “As everyone knows, the police were called to my home based on some prank phone calls. I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded.

“The police never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realised there was no issue and left immediately.

“I truly hope the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward,” she concluded.

However, before this drama, Britney ran the risk of getting her Instagram deactivated when she shared a photo of herself in the bath wearing nothing but her birthday suit!

““I like to suck,” she captioned the post, along a selection of emojis.

She covered her breasts with her hands, and used a strategically placed flower emoji to cover the rest of her modesty.

Fans shared their concern for the star in the post’s comments.

“I read the caption 3 times and am still confused,” one person said.

A second put: “Wow I’m totally shocked I don’t know what to say.”

While a third hit out at Instagram for the content: “If you can f***ing censor the most simplest of words, start removing the actual s*** like this.”

You can check it out for yourself here.

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