Mysterious ‘Energy Wave’ Knocks People To The Ground At Lana Del Rey Gig

Fans have been left baffled after footage emerged of a mysterious ‘energy wave’ racing through the crowd at one of Lana Del Rey’s recent gigs, leaving many attendees on the floor as they were knocked over by the strange event.

Now, Lana is known for making her fans swoon, with her second album Born To Die being a total cult classic of the alt-pop genre. Featuring tracks such as ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’, it was destined to be a hit.

Following on from this, though, Lana proved herself to be a mainstay of modern day music, going on to release another 8 albums, and even being nominated for Album of the Year at the 2020 Grammys.

Her latest release, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, was met with a huge reaction from fans, who were understandably pumped when she announced a random selection of tour dates earlier this year.


Another Footage of the alleged mysterious energy wave hitting the crowd from a different angle at the Lana Del Rey Concert Mexico, 15th Aug 😳 What do you think that happened here? #LanaDelRey #Energywave #Mexico #Music #Concert #dominos #dominoeffect #lanadelreylive #lanadelreyfan #dew #lanadelreymexico #energyattacks

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One of the most recent gigs from the singer was at Mexico City’s Foro Sol, which is where the eerie event of the ‘energy wave’ took place.

In clips from the concert, people can be seen vibing away as Lana sings away on stage, until one by one people in the front standing section begin to fall over as they are met with the massive wave of energy.

Footage shows people screaming as they fall to the floor, although it is unclear how many people were injured as a result of the spooky event.


Reports of a mysterious Energy wave hitting the Crowd at a Lana Del Rey concert has sparked controversy on the internet that took place in Foro Sol in Mexico City on 15th Aug Is it just something explainable or something that is weird? 😳 #LanaDelRey #Mystery #Music #Concert #Mexico #lanadelreystans #lanadelreylive #concerts #lanadelreycult #mysterioussounds #mysterioussound #frequency #frequencymusic

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People have responded to the clips online by theorising as to what might have led to the event.

One person took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask the question on everyone’s lips: “Can someone explain what happened at the Lana Del Rey concert?”

“There was a spirit in the crowd. Actually it looked like a couple of spirits,” one person theorised.

“Wonder if it’s test of crowd control with sound waves,” a second wondered.

A third even said it might be “evil spirits.”

“This is what happens when too many people fart in a crowded area,” a fourth joked.

However, others had a more likely explanation.

“This is totally normal. The crowd is super compact, some drunk person falls over and it’s like dominos,” one person explained. “Have had this exact thing happen to me multiple times. People need to stop being conspiracy theorist and touch grass. Honestly it’s very normal.”

Another summarised: “It’s a crowd surge. Happens at concerts all the time when it’s getting too crowded.”

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