People Are Saying This New Series Is ‘The Best Thing On Netflix’

Who is Erin Carter, a captivating new drama series on Netflix, is receiving high praise from users.

The TV programme, which debuted on the streaming platform on August 24, is about a shady substitute teacher named Erin (Evin Ahmad), who has relocated to Barcelona, Spain, with her family, in order to hide her illicit activities.

But once her local shop is robbed by an armed thief, it becomes clear that the seemingly unremarkable protagonist is more than she appears to be, and her life is in danger of falling apart.

Erin begins to take down the gunman with expert skill, leaving the confused cops wondering how she achieved it. Her strange history is soon made clear as her tranquil rural existence quickly takes an unexpected turn.

The new seven-part thriller, which is being directed by Jack Lothian, stars Sean Teale, Indica Watson, Susannah Fielding, and Douglas Henshall.

And it already seems to be going down pretty well with Netflix users, as many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new series. One wrote: “Who is Erin Carter is probably the best thing on Netflix in a long time.”

While another said: “Who is Erin Carter is the best series amongst all on Netflix Right now. Highly recommended.”

“Who is Erin Carter? was such a good watch, there’s something about the storytelling style that made everything feel so authentic and believable,” a third penned.

However, despite the raving reviews, it has only received 65% on Rotten Tomatoes thanks to pretty low scores from critics.

According to Paste Magazine, they said: “While the genre desperately needs to find its fun once again, unfortunately, Netflix’s attempt with Who Is Erin Carter? just isn’t the series to do it.”

The Movies and Munchies YouTube channel also gave the show a pretty low score, claiming the series “has an interesting premise for the story and maintains some good intrigue for about half the show, but after a lot of context is established, the rest feels overly convenient and excessively layered.”

However, not all the critics were as harsh, as The Wall Street Journal said: “Ms. Ahmad is a force, someone capable of carrying a series like this despite its shifts from upscale Spanish tranquility to domestic turmoil to a bunch of violent combat of the nail-biting variety.”

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