People Baffled By Hailey And Justin Bieber’s Fashion Choices As They Attend The Same Event

Fans are making fun of Justin Bieber’s casual sweats as he followed wife Hailey Bieber to her most recent Rhode Beauty event, at which she donned a glamorous red dress.

The pair celebrated the introduction of Rhode Skin’s strawberry glaze lip treatment on August 28, which was created in partnership with Krispy Kreme.

Hailey opted for an all-red ensemble for the event, comprising a short gown and matching footwear, accessorised with strawberry earrings, and a necklace that had a giant, silver “B” dangling from the chain. She also had her blonde locks pulled into a slicked-back bun, which is her preferred style.

Her spouse, on the other hand, went for a much more laid-back appearance, choosing a grey sweatshirt and matching shorts as well as a pink hat and a pair of yellow Crocs.

Following the occasion, Hailey shared pictures from the event and a video of herself eating a doughnut while driving on her Instagram to mark the momentous day.

“STRAWBERRY GLAZE DAY!!!! Feeling over the moon today thank you thank you thank you!” she wrote in the caption.

But since the pictures were posted on social media, many people have made fun of Hailey and Justin’s strikingly dissimilar attire for the same occasion online.

One fan wrote: “WTF she had a whole brand collaboration, dressed up for it, and it’s clearly something important to her. He couldn’t even put a nice fit on for that? That’s pretty corny and embarrassing. You can be comfy like this any other time of day.. In NYC too?”

While a second echoed: “I’d be so angry if I was giving the girls my best look of the year and here come my husband.”

However, not everyone agreed. Some thought that Justin was dressed appropriately for the event, adding that Hailey was the one that seemed out of place for the donut collaboration.

“Justin dressed accordingly tbh, there’s not one Krispy Kreme in the world where you need to be doing all that,” a third said.

Another wrote: “I think they both look good, but be fr with yourself, which are you wearing to a DONUT SHOP? We all going in sweats …”

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