Kim Kardashian Deletes Post After Being Called Out For Photoshop Fail

Kim Kardashian is a legend of social media. The star has made a name for herself by sharing her picture-perfect life with her followers, but things don’t always turn out as planned.

In fact, recently, she shared one snap with a photoshop fail so bad that she went so far as to delete the photo from her feed after being called out by fans!

Now, the Kardashian family is a force to behold in modern pop culture. With mother Kris Jenner at the helm, the family has rocketed Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie all to mega levels of fame and wealth with their various social media personas and business pursuits. Keeping up With The Kardashians may have been one of the causes of their fame, but the family have made sure to make the most of it!

With their areas of expertise ranging from Kim’s billion-dollar company Skims to Kendall’s domination of the most prestigious fashion week runways, the family have pretty much everything covered.

However, in recent years, things haven’t been easy for Kim. News of the forty-two-year-old’s divorce from rapper Kanye West broke back in 2021, and since then relations between the pair have been tense to say the least.

Kanye spent lots of time mocking one of Kim’s flings, SNL star Pete Davidson, and things only worsened last year with his weeks of controversial antisemitic statements.

More recently, Kanye’s risqué exploits with his new ‘wife’ Bianca Censori have reportedly left Kim ‘desperately embarrassed’, and has left her ‘worried’ for him.

Despite this, Kim has done a brilliant job at keeping things cool on the outside. The star has upped her ante when it comes to her social media prowess, and fans can’t get enough of her Skims shapewear clothing.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few bumps in the road for her when it comes to her eagle-eyed Instagram followers.

Kim is no stranger to being called out for a photoshop fail, but one recent editing mishap left everyone laughing.

The star shared a photo of herself on a beach with black bikini bottoms and a long-sleeved tight top. However, it wasn’t the Skims clothing the star was trying to promote that had fans interested, but much rather the issues going on with her legs in the beach snap.

One person commented: “Kim, Kim, Kim… Your right leg is, uh…”

While a second simply said: ““Kim what happened to your leg?”

A third wrote: “I can not believe #KimK has the power to delete one of her pictures of many on a post. Because it was wrongly Photoshopped!!! That picture isn’t there anymore! I want that power.”

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