Madeleine McCann’s Parents Have Been Given Heartbreaking Update From Police

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann back in 2007 shook the world. Since then, there has been countless conspiracy theories about what really happened the night she went missing.

This year, it seemed as though there could be some breakthrough in the case, however, a witness has threatened to deny evidence to the police.

Back in 2020, German prosecutors declared that they thought that convicted child sex offender Christian Brueckner, was likely to blame for the kidnapping and death of McCann. 

Brueckner is presently serving a sentence for rape in a German jail. He is rumoured to have had a “lock picking kit” that could open any security door and unlock it. He is also said to have bragged about possessing the tools to a friend.

An attempt to connect him to the death of the young girl was made again earlier this year.

However, Helge Busching, a crucial witness, is allegedly threatening to refuse to cooperate with the prosecution, which might cause the case to collapse, according to sources.

According to The Sun, as source shared: “Word is Busching is about to withdraw his evidence. He was paid a huge sum to repeat his statement in a German newspaper and now he’s pulling the plug. It just goes to show you what type of people you are dealing with – and their credibility as witnesses.”

Busching earlier claimed that when he saw Brueckner in 2008 at a music event in Spain, they spoke about the highly publicised Madeleine McCann case and that the suspect informed him “she didn’t scream.” He added: “He asked me: ‘Don’t you go to Portugal anymore and do business there?’” 

Just months ago, detectives spent three days combing the region around the Arade dam, just outside of Praia da Luz and discovered a “number of items” that may be connected to the case.

Since the news came out, dozens of people have commented on the update, with one writing: “There is no case against him, never has been, never will be because he simply didn’t do it. The people who did it are sitting pretty carrying on their lives fully protected but Lord knows why.”

While another commented: “You can bet they will find another scapegoat, anything to deflect from the McCanns…..”

“Shouldn’t this be a wake-up call to people that the farce that is Operation Grange be terminated and a more serious look at what really happened addressed?” a third added.

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