Netflix Fans Rejoice As Streaming Service Confirms Hit Show Is Returning

Fans of Peep Show were ecstatic to learn that the show would be available on Netflix for a lot longer than originally planned.

The 54 episodes of Peep Show, which spanned nine seasons from 2003 to 2015, starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb as two eccentric flatmates.

The show has been a huge hit since then, gaining a significant fan base while on the streaming platform. Sadly, this didn’t stop Netflix from threatening to remove the show, and like numerous other series, the site gave viewers a limited time to watch their favourite duo, before taking it off.

The final day for the iconic UK comedy show to be streamed by users was scheduled as September 28. Understandably, fans were outraged by the news, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

One wrote: “You what? No Peep Show? You f**king idiot, Netflix, you total f**king idiot. That was YOUR show, you f**king moron, you cretin. You’re a f**khead, that’s what you are, a f**king s**thead,” quoting the show.

While another said: “Sorry, I can’t come into work today, I have to finish my thirtieth rewatch of Peep Show before they take it off Netflix next month.”

But now, it seems fans are in for some good news. 

Viewers picked up on the change made by the streaming giant, as the watch by date had been removed from the preview, leaving many to question whether it was a mistake.

One user even Tweeted Netflix, asking: “hi @NetflixUK – the date warning badge has now been removed from Peep Show… can you confirm??”

Netflix then confirmed, replying: “It was decided this would have been so not Rainbow Rhythms, so Peep Show will remain on Netflix.”

Fans understandably went wild after finding out the show would be staying on the platform. One wrote: “‘great decision to reverse a terrible call to remove PS.”

While a second wrote: “I think you made the right decision”

“I wonder if my middle of the night desperate conversions with Netflix help advisers pleading them not to take it off helped this” a third added.

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