TV Presenters Left In Total Shock Live On Air At Young Boy’s Grim Joke

A schoolboy’s joke has gone viral after he told a somewhat inappropriate joke to the hosts of Australia’s Today show.

Sarah Abo and Karl Stefanovic were visibly shocked while live on air by the young lad’s joke about vegans. However, once they had recovered from the initial shock factor, the pair doubled over in laughter.

It has been reported by Daily Mail Australia that the moment was totally unprepared, with producers not even having heard the joke before it went out live on air.

The boy began: “A vegan and a vegetarian are jumping off a cliff to see who will hit the bottom first. Who wins?”

The co-hosts played along, with Stefanovic saying: “I don’t know.”

Abo asked: “Who wins?”

The boy then responded with the cutting punchline, delivered in a totally deadbeat style: “Society.”

“We weren’t expecting that,” Abo said once she had recovered herself.


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The moment has unsurprisingly gone viral after the Today show shared the moment to TikTok, and viewers across the globe have been responding to the hilarious joke.

“That kids’ an absolute legend,” one person wrote.

A second put: ““The hosts cannot even control their laugh. It is unexpected and delivery is amazing.”

A third said: “Karl Stefanovic’s reaction made me LOL for real.”

While a fourth commented: “It isn’t joke of the day. It’s joke of the century.”

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