British Tourist Falls 300 Feet To His Death After Crossing Ladder At Instagram Hotspot On Mountain

A forty-two-year-old British tourist has tragically died after plunging 300 feet to his death while in the Dachstein Mountains.

The mountainous area is known to be popular with tourists for its natural beauty, meaning that it is a brilliant spot to get a good Instagram picture.

In particular, the so-called ‘stairway to heaven’ ladder is one of the most photographed places in the region, as it gained notoriety for its breathtaking views as well as giving climbers a good dose of adrenaline.

The ladder connects the lower Donnerkogel mountain to the higher portion of the mountain, the Großer Donnerkogel, with its 6,740-foot peak.

The crossing is listed as a via ferrata, “iron path”, on the Dachstein region tourist website, indicating that climbers have to use a harness attached to steel cables, rungs, pegs and ladders for their safety.

However, news broke earlier this week that the trip from one side to the other proved to be fatal for one British tourist.

The Mirror reports that he was alone on the 130-foot ladder when he ran into trouble and plummeted into the valley below.

Investigators have deemed the tragedy an accident, and thus foul play has been ruled out.

His body was recovered from the gorge via 2 helicopters and police officers from 2 nearby

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