Travis Kelce’s Ex Maya Benberry Savages Him And Relationship With Taylor Swift

Maya Benberry, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, doubts the authenticity surrounding his on-the-rise relationship with Taylor Swift, and she’s given her thoughts on it all.

As we all know, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been thrust into the spotlight after they were recently seen acting cozy together in public after his Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears.

But Benberry isn’t buying it.

The thirty-three-year-old’s love life has been the centre of much speculation since she split from her partner of 6 years Joe Alwyn earlier this year.

Since then, Swift has been linked to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, but following news that things fizzled out between them, there has been silence on the Taylor romance front. Well, silence until now, that is…

The news of her new reported love interest comes after a blockbuster year for Swift, who has been flung into new levels of stardom thanks to her mega-hit Midnights album, her re-recording projects and, of course, The Eras Tour.

The buildup to The Eras Tour was huge, as it marks Swift’s first time on the road since 2018. Considering the star has released 7 whole albums since then, it’s no surprise that Swifties had to battle in the great war of Ticketmaster in order to get their hands on those precious tickets.

However, thus far, Swift proved her complete and utter commitment to putting her best foot forward. The show lasts for over 3 hours, with the setlist clocking in at a mammoth forty-four songs, including 2 acoustic surprise songs that change every night.

Spanning her entire career, the concert features songs from all but one of her 10 albums. For those who have followed the star from the very start of her now illustrious music career, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to see parts from her entire discography live on stage.


Anyone know how to get a bracelet to @Taylor Swift? … asking for a friend 😅 @Buffalo Wild Wings NEW EPISODE OUT NOW! Link in bio

♬ original sound – New Heights

It appears the show has not just won the hearts of fans, but of a certain American football player too, as Swift’s latest reported romance comes after NFL star Travis Kelce attended the tour in Kansas City.

Kelce admitted in an interview previously that he had wanted to meet Swift after her show and give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it, but as she was on vocal rest his wishes failed to come to fruition.

A recent update sounded like things were looking up for the NFL star.

“Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out,” a source told The Messenger. “She saw him when she was in NYC a few weeks ago.”

However, the latest news is the biggest confirmation yet on the reported romance. Swift’s attendance of the Chiefs game was one thing, but after the game ended, the pair were spotted together for the first time.


p solid day for the two of them 🫡 #taylorswift #traviskelce #kansascitychiefs #nfl (via JarrettPayton/X)

♬ original sound – NFL

The NFL’s official TikTok shared a clip of the pair backstage, where fans have been reacting to the pair’s first sighting.

“They look like two teenagers who wanna hold hands but are too scared to try it I love it,” one person wrote.

“It looks like they want to hold hands so bad they look so happy and nervous omg,” a second agreed.

A third put: “I have never seen this man looks so nervous or without a smile on his face he is quaking on the inside and it’s so cute!”

However, not everyone is impressed by their recent relationship rumours. Kelce’s ex girlfriend Maya Benberry has spoken out.

“The only reason that I question the genuineness of the relationship is because he’s talking to the media a lot,” Benberry told Inside Edition this week.

“I don’t know Taylor Swift, but I’m a fan of her music,” she continued. “I don’t feel any way about her dating Travis. It’s cute. … She’s beautiful. She’s successful. We’re in two different lanes.”

It seems her problem lies with the NFL star.

She went on to call Kelce a “narcissist,” adding that “certain qualities don’t change in men.”

What do you make of her comments?

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