Flat Earther Falls Silent after Professor ‘Humiliates’ Him in Debate

In the annals of history, there was a time when the prevailing belief held that the Earth was flat. But as centuries have passed, the world has evolved dramatically, thanks to remarkable advancements in scientific research and technology. Most of humanity has moved forward, accepting the round Earth as an established fact. Yet, amid this progress, a handful of individuals, like the conspiracy theorist known as Flat Earth Dave, cling to the outdated notion that the Earth is flat.

Flat Earth Dave, who operates his own podcast titled ‘The Flat Earth Podcast,’ regularly delves into discussions on this peculiar subject. However, he found himself on an entirely different platform last year, on a podcast episode appropriately titled ‘Professor Dave Humiliates Flat Earther David Weiss.’ It was on this fateful episode that the professor and the Flat Earther engaged in a heated debate about the Earth’s shape, with Flat Earth Dave asserting that the prevailing theories regarding the Earth’s spherical nature emanated from astronomers whom Professor Dave deemed unfamiliar.

Throughout the conversation, the conspiracy theorist appeared to have an answer for almost every point raised. However, a critical juncture emerged when the discussion shifted to the Earth’s movement within the cosmos. Flat Earth Dave contended that the Earth could not possibly be in motion, claiming, “You think that we’re spinning at 1000 miles an hour, and we don’t feel it? And we’re changing directions? How is that possible? How about when the Earth comes around towards the Sun in the winter, it’s speeding up and taking its sharpest turn, and we don’t feel any of those forces?”

To this, Professor Dave characterized the argument as “hilarious” and urged Flat Earth Dave to join him as he provided an illuminating explanation. The professor highlighted the Earth’s annual orbit around the Sun, a process that takes an entire year. Flat Earth Dave, however, failed to grasp that this fact contradicted his standpoint. Professor Dave humorously challenged him: “Why don’t you go ahead and get in a car, and do a 360 turn and make it take a year. Are you going to feel that? Let’s break it down, 360 degrees, 365 days, that’s about a degree a [day] right? Why don’t you get in a car and drive for 24 hours, and over 24 hours veer by one degree. Are you going to feel that?”

Flat Earth Dave, who had swiftly responded to previous questions, appeared momentarily dumbfounded, struggling to formulate a counterargument. The participants on the Zoom call erupted in laughter at his inability to provide a response. As he attempted to recover, he claimed he was “trying to think of the easiest way to describe it.” However, the damage had been done, and whatever credibility he might have possessed was irreparably shattered in that moment.

The debate continued with Flat Earth Dave asserting, “You’ve never met these men, you don’t know anything about these men other than the stories that the controllers of this world tell you.” Nevertheless, the debate, marked by moments of both humor and frustration, served as a stark reminder of the enduring divide between those who uphold scientific understanding and those who cling to beliefs rooted in skepticism and conspiracy.

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