Jason Kelce Says Brother Will ‘Kill Him’ After Making Hilarious Taylor Swift Joke

Jason Kelce finds himself at a crossroads when contemplating the dream guest for his “New Heights” podcast and seems cautious about stirring the waters when it comes to his brother Travis Kelce’s new love interest, the illustrious Taylor Swift. During an interview with NFL on NBC on October 21, the 35-year-old football player was cornered with the question of who he’d love to feature on the podcast.

With a witty smile, Jason deflected the obvious choice, Taylor Swift, exclaiming, “I’m gonna keep it easy. I can’t say Taylor Swift, come on, that’s too obvious [and] Travis will kill me.” Instead of aiming for the stars, Jason decided to keep it in the family and selected his aunt Judy as the number one draft pick for potential podcast guests. “We gotta get Aunt Judy,” he chuckled, keeping the choice close to home.

Jason and Travis, aged 35 and 34, respectively, launched their NFL commentary podcast, “New Heights,” last year. It primarily revolves around discussions of the best weekly plays in the world of football. However, since Travis embarked on a romantic journey with Taylor Swift, the podcast episodes have inevitably shifted their focus, incorporating recaps of their public outings and Taylor’s attendance at Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs games.

Travis’s initial interest in the Grammy-winning sensation Swift was revealed during a July episode of his podcast. He humorously recounted his failed attempt at gifting her a DIY friendship bracelet after attending her Eras Tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Chiefs. Fate intervened, and the two eventually connected, sharing a couple of private dates. Subsequently, Taylor was invited to watch Travis “rock the stage” at Arrowhead Stadium, which she did with great enthusiasm. Swift’s presence at her first Chiefs game, seated in a private box alongside Travis’s mother, Donna Kelce, made waves.

Travis expressed his admiration for Swift’s courage, stating on the podcast, “Shout-out to Taylor for pulling up. That was pretty ballsy.” He commended the positive reception she received from everyone in the suite, describing her as amazing. Travis also marveled at the memorable moments of the game and the excitement that Taylor’s presence brought to Chiefs Kingdom.

Jason, who is married to Kylie Kelce, couldn’t help but express his admiration for how well Travis is handling the boyfriend role during these date nights. Although Taylor Swift has not publicly addressed their romance, a source revealed to Us Weekly that she is progressively falling for Travis as they continue to explore their connection.

Travis has made it clear that he goes above and beyond to make Taylor feel cherished. The insider noted, “[Travis] goes out of his way to make Taylor feel special in any way he can.” The grand bouquet of flowers he sent to her just because was particularly noteworthy. Travis manages to strike a balance, making her feel secure while also supporting her independence and career success.

As their relationship blossoms, the love story between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce continues to captivate the public, with their journey becoming an integral part of the “New Heights” podcast, much to the delight of their fans.

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