Peggy Rose, a participant on the reality TV series “Married at First Sight,” has made a significant career change following her appearance on the show. The 32-year-old contestant from Kent revealed that her previous job as a Technology Risk Partner was detrimental to her health, ultimately motivating her to pursue a different path.

Peggy spoke exclusively to OK! in an interview, where she shared her reasons for leaving her former position. She expressed how her demanding job had taken a toll on her well-being: “My old job was making me ill. I hadn’t had a period in four years because of stress with my job.”

The stress and demands of her previous role had not only affected her physical health but also led to distressing comments from others. Peggy mentioned the hurtful remarks she received online, such as people speculating whether she was pregnant due to her appearance. She addressed this, stating, “It’s hard, and you get comments online like, ‘She looks pregnant,’ and I’m like, ‘I would love to be pregnant because I don’t know if I can have children at the moment, you know?’”

Driven by her desire to improve her well-being and pursue her passions, Peggy made the life-changing decision to switch careers. She opted to start her own business, where she could follow her love for fashion. Her business, named “Off the Peg Boutique,” focuses on reselling unique clothing.

Peggy explained the choice of her business name, saying, “It’s called Off the Peg Boutique because when I was bridal dress shopping, I’m tall, and the only dresses I could find were off the peg. I only had four weeks to choose a dress, and all size 12s were for a standard height of 5 foot 7.”

Remarkably, her experience on “Married at First Sight” played a pivotal role in her decision to pursue a career that genuinely made her happy. She expressed her enthusiasm for the show and the positive impact it had on her life, stating, “It’s ‘Married at First Sight’ that actually enabled me to do something I’m happy with because I absolutely loved the process. I loved the experience, and I thought I haven’t been this happy since probably moving schools.”

Despite facing some negative comments from the public, Peggy emphasised that she had received substantial support from the viewers and her husband, Georges, during the show. She shared her gratitude for the experience, mentioning that every relationship encounters its share of ups and downs.

Peggy’s openness and candour on the show have resonated with viewers, sparking conversations and discussions on various topics, including intimate details about her relationship with Georges. Her journey on “Married at First Sight” has allowed her to connect with the audience, creating a bond that transcends the TV screen.

As the reality TV series unfolds, Peggy’s personal and professional transformations reflect the show’s impact on the lives of its participants, demonstrating the power of change and self-discovery. “Married at First Sight UK” continues to captivate audiences and provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and stories.

Viewers can catch “Married at First Sight UK” on E4, with episodes airing from Monday to Thursday at 9 pm. Peggy’s journey, like that of other participants, showcases the resilience and adaptability of individuals as they navigate the challenges of love and life in front of the camera.


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