MAFS UK Georges Berthonneau Shares Co-Star He’d Marry instead of Wife Peggy Rose

Married At First Sight UK star Georges Berthonneau has candidly shared his thoughts on which bride he would have chosen instead of his wife, Peggy Rose, if given the choice. Despite the challenges they have faced in their marriage, Georges and Peggy maintain mutual respect for each other.

Georges and Peggy were matched together by relationship experts Paul C. Brunson, Mel Schilling, and Charlene Douglas. While their journey on the show has been marked by recurring disagreements, particularly related to Georges’ online gaming hobby and his YouTube channel, the couple remains civil and respectful of each other.

Georges recently disclosed that another bride from the show caught his attention, and interestingly, he already knew her before joining Married At First Sight UK. Speaking to new! magazine, Georges expressed, “Peggy’s beautiful and, actually, I wouldn’t have gone with anyone else. But if you put a gun to my head, I’d have picked Ella.”

He further explained his reasoning, saying, “We’d have got on like a house on fire. Ella and I spoke throughout. She’s a hoot. We have a very similar sense of humour – very inappropriate, very outspoken, very outrageous.”

Ella was part of the show but left on Monday night along with JJ and Bianca, as it became evident that JJ and Ella had formed a connection outside of their respective marriages.

Georges and Ella share a connection that goes back several years, to a time when Georges lived in Bristol and Ella worked as a dancer. He shared on the Divorced! Beheaded! THRIVED! podcast, “I actually knew Ella from five years ago when I lived in Bristol. I think we originally met in a club… I’m not sure. Or we ended up sliding into each other’s DMs once upon a time. Years ago.”

Although they initially had plans to meet for a drink, it never materialised. Georges further elaborated on their connection, revealing, “We were going to go for a drink, we never did. And then, obviously, Ella was a dancer and I bumped into her a couple of times at the bar.”

Reflecting on their interactions, Georges said, “Seriously, I never get dances. But yes, she was in there and we used to have a good laugh.”

Peggy recently shared her own struggles during her time on the show, revealing that she had a severe allergy to dust. She explained, “I had the worst allergy to dust, which I didn’t realise I had until moving into the apartments.” The pollen allergies were exacerbated because their apartment was near Wembley, where grass was cut three times a day.

Peggy’s health challenges included severe eye swelling, leading to her seeking medical attention multiple times, being prescribed antibiotics and steroids. She also mentioned the role that stress played in her health issues, which added to her discomfort during the filming of Married At First Sight UK. Despite the physical and emotional challenges, Peggy remains dedicated to her journey on the show.


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