A Timeline of Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts Relationship after His Untimely Passing Aged 54

The recent passing of Matthew Perry, celebrated for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in ‘Friends,’ has drawn attention to his relationship with the renowned Hollywood star Julia Roberts, unveiling a poignant chapter of his life and struggles. Perry, who tragically passed away at the age of 54 in Los Angeles, shared an intricate and compelling bond with Roberts, etched with heartfelt exchanges and emotional tribulations.

Their romantic journey commenced during the mid-1990s, a period that intertwined with their work on ‘Friends,’ as detailed in Perry’s memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.’ Initially, Perry and Roberts established a friendship before her guest appearance on the show’s second season. Perry disclosed in his book that Roberts had insisted on being incorporated into Chandler Bing’s storyline, leading him to express his excitement by sending her “three dozen red roses” with a card that expressed his enthusiasm to send her flowers, alongside her participation in the show.

Their romance blossomed uniquely, relying on the archaic yet intensely personal mode of communication—fax messages. Perry reminisced about the days in 1995 when they conversed solely through daily faxes, before they had even met in person. The actor recounted receiving hundreds of faxes, describing Roberts’ messages as “smart,” expressing his belief that she was placed on Earth to bring smiles to the world.

Perry vividly painted a picture of their initial courtship, where he eagerly awaited each fax, captivated by Roberts’ unique perspectives and her artful articulation of thoughts. Their exchanges evolved into romantic dialogues, leading to extended phone conversations that lasted hours, long before they had the opportunity to meet in person.

However, despite the depth of their connection, their relationship was short-lived, lasting only six months. Perry candidly admitted that his own struggles with addiction and his feelings of inadequacy were pivotal reasons behind their breakup. In his memoir, he expressed a sense of foreboding, feeling unworthy of Roberts and convinced that their relationship was destined to end.

Perry recounted his inner turmoil, expressing deep-seated insecurities and a belief that he was not deserving of Roberts’ affection. Feeling inadequate and broken, he made the difficult choice to end the relationship, believing that it was better to initiate the breakup rather than experience the anticipated heartbreak.

The story of Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts reflects a complex and tender narrative, marked by affection, profound emotional exchange, and the wrenching reality of self-doubt. Their love story, although fleeting, echoes the delicate intricacies and vulnerabilities inherent in human relationships, offering a poignant reflection on the challenges of love and self-worth.


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