Big Brother Host Will Best Confirms Huge Twist in Major Shake-Up for Next Live Eviction

Big Brother host Will Best has unveiled a significant twist for the forthcoming Big Brother eviction, confirming a substantial shake-up in the series.

The latest episode witnessed Kerry becoming the fourth housemate to face eviction and undergo a brutal backdoor exit after the shocking revelation of Noky and Trish’s cursed nominations.

However, 38-year-old Will revealed that the drama is far from over as the show prepares for the first double eviction of the series, set to air on Friday, marking another substantial twist. The announcement of a double eviction sent the audience of Tuesday’s Late & Live episode into a frenzy, with Will confirming the shocking revelation.

He shared the news: “This Friday is going to see our first double eviction! These guys are delighted but how do you think the housemates will cope with a double eviction?” Former housemate Hallie expressed her astonishment, describing the situation as intense with “three in one week.”

Will agreed with her, remarking, “It’s brutal!”

The upcoming double eviction news followed Kerry’s eviction on Tuesday in a Halloween-themed twist. She was up for public vote against DJ Dylan, 39, and Dancer Olivia, 23, and her departure was met with a dramatic exit from the house. Kerry exited through a coffin, the backdoor, without the chance to say goodbye to her fellow housemates after the revelations of Noky and Trish’s cursed nominations.

Before leaving, Kerry hugged Olivia and Dylan, asking them to convey that she held “no hard feelings” towards Noky and Trish.

During her interview with Will Best on Late & Live, Kerry shared her thoughts on leaving the house. She expressed her readiness to exit, mentioning her role as a mother and the challenges she faced due to her medical condition, multiple sclerosis (MS). Reflecting on her nomination, she expressed her belief that she might have appeared to be complaining, leading to her eviction.

Kerry also discussed the live audience chanting for her eviction, admitting that the negative attention lingered in her mind, affecting her emotions. She explained her frustration with not having had the chance to bond with some of the departing housemates, expressing her desire for meaningful interactions before their departure.


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