Eminem’s Child Stevie Says they’re in their First Serious Relationship after coming Out as Non-Binary

Eminem’s youngest child, Stevie, has recently disclosed details about their personal life, particularly their first significant relationship since coming out as non-binary.

Stevie, aged 21, is the child of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott. Eminem legally adopted Stevie when he reunited with Kim after she had a relationship with Eric Hartter, between her two marriages to the rapper. Stevie’s biological father passed away in 2019, and Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, has two other children, Alaina Marie Scott, 30, and Hailie Jade Scott, 27.

In 2021, Stevie shared on TikTok about being gender fluid, marking their journey of self-acceptance through a montage of pictures spanning several years.

Recently, on Hailie’s podcast, “Just a Little Shady,” Stevie delved into their personal life, revealing that they are currently in a serious relationship and living with their boyfriend.

Detailing the timeline of their relationship, Stevie mentioned that their partner moved in with them in December of the previous year, underlining that they have been together for about two years. Acknowledging the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Stevie emphasized the importance of making a genuine connection work by investing the necessary time.

Describing the romantic journey as a “fun” yet enriching learning experience, Stevie expressed that this relationship marks their first significant one in their adult life. Hailie, who got engaged to Evan McClintock earlier in the year, light-heartedly remarked that it made her “feel old” hearing about Stevie’s relationship progress.

Additionally, Stevie revealed their interactions with numerous online acquaintances made through gaming, with whom they’ve maintained lasting friendships.

Stevie’s social media presence portrays their evident happiness in the relationship, with captions showcasing their affection. Followers commenting on their Instagram posts noted the pair’s endearing nature, affectionately referring to them as “so cute.”

Beyond their personal life, Stevie shared their involvement in volunteering activities, including reading to kindergarten classes and supporting an animal shelter. In response to the podcast episode, one commenter praised Stevie’s upbringing, acknowledging the entire family’s down-to-earth and kind disposition.


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