E4 MAFS UK Star Luke left ‘Suicidal’ Following Tough Break-Up and ‘Losing Everything’

E4’s “Married At First Sight UK” fan-favourite Luke Worley opened up about his challenging breakup and the emotional toll it took on him after a heated altercation on the E4 show led to his departure.

Following an intense confrontation with co-star Jordan Gayle, Luke shared how he felt “suicidal” and experienced a sense of losing everything when his relationship took a serious hit, leading to his exit from the show.

In an episode that aired on Monday night, viewers were left stunned after witnessing a heated exchange between Luke and Jordan at Jordan’s flat, prompting the show’s authorities to intervene and remove both Luke and his wife Jay Howard from the series.

Channel 4 producers swiftly took action, immediately dismissing the 30-year-old Essex salesman due to their zero-tolerance policy against violence, prompted by Luke’s aggressive behaviour during the altercation.

During the episode, Luke confronted Jordan at his apartment, resulting in a physical altercation after Luke accused Jordan of sabotaging his marriage with Jay over comments made at a previous dinner party.

Despite the distressing fallout and his expulsion from the show, Luke eventually found solace in a relationship with Jay, the woman he met on “Married At First Sight UK” and is currently dating, marking a positive turn in his life.

In an open conversation on Jordan Brook’s podcast, “Into The Barbershop,” Luke candidly shared about his mental health struggles following a past breakup before finding love again with Jay on the show. He admitted to feeling emotionally devastated after the breakup, revealing that he had battled suicidal thoughts during that time.

Luke highlighted the lack of attention given to men’s mental health issues and disclosed a distressing moment when he contemplated taking tablets in an overwhelmed state after losing not just his girlfriend but also his pet, home, and life as he knew it.

He emphasised how participating in “Married At First Sight” provided a fresh start and an opportunity to rebuild his life after the tumultuous breakup. He confirmed feeling mentally strong and ready for the show, expressing gratitude for finding love in Jay after a period of emotional turmoil.

Following the airing of the intense episode, Luke and Jay reassured fans of their enduring relationship through Instagram posts, sharing photos from a post-show holiday. Luke expressed his pride in Jay’s growth and confidence, conveying his admiration for her, and humorously hinting at a future together.


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