MAFS Star Luke Claims Jordan ‘Cheated’ on Scots Bride Erica in a Nightclub

In an Instagram Live session, Luke made a bold and accusatory statement directed towards Jordan, a fellow participant in Married At First Sight UK, alleging that Jordan cheated on Erica, the Scottish bride from the show.

Jordan vehemently refuted these claims. Luke, who was removed from the show due to violent behaviour, was matched with Jay Howard and had a relatively smooth relationship with her throughout the experiment. However, his dynamic with fellow participant Jordan was consistently fraught, leading to several tense clashes whenever they interacted. The tension escalated when Jordan disclosed a misconstrued comment made by Luke about “obtaining a girl’s number” to Jay, causing distress and anger. Luke couldn’t explain the context, exacerbating the situation.

Fed up with Jordan’s interference in other relationships, Luke confronted him at his apartment, creating a loud commotion at the door. A physical altercation ensued when Jordan answered, culminating in Luke repeatedly punching Jordan in the ribs. Consequently, the show’s producers deemed it necessary for both Luke and Jay to depart from the series after this violent incident.

Since the conclusion of the show’s filming, social media exchanges between Jordan and Luke have been filled with mutual barbs and jabs. While Erica, Jordan’s partner, was engaged in an Instagram Live conversation with comedian Kane Brown to discuss her Married At First Sight experience, Luke took the opportunity to make a confrontational claim in the comments.

He wrote, “Are you forgetting Jordan cheated on you in a nightclub???” Erica chose not to respond to his accusation. Following this incident, Jordan issued a statement refuting the allegations of cheating and implied that Luke was attempting to damage his relationship in a desperate manner.


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