Furious Big Brother viewers have vehemently called for police involvement after witnessing what they described as a “disgusting threat” made by housemate Tom towards fellow contestant Noky on Saturday, demanding urgent action over the concerning incident.

This episode followed a heated row earlier in the week that resulted in participants being confined for over two hours, culminating in the shocking eviction of both Paul and Dylan in a sudden double exit.

The tension escalated when Tom, furious at seeing his friend Chanelle conversing with his rival, seemingly signaled to “ice out” the dental therapist for associating with the adversary. During the live stream, Tom engaged in a conversation with Olivia and gestured across his neck, an action resembling a throat-slitting gesture.

Outraged fans took to social media to express their concerns, labelling the body language as unacceptable and disrespectful. Some users speculated whether it was speaking in code, urging authorities to intervene, while others criticised the group’s childish behaviour for considering cutting off Chanelle from their social circle for interacting with Noky.

Amid this outcry, the recent double eviction saw Paul and Dylan being ousted from the show, met with a displeased live audience even before their names were officially announced by hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best.

Paul, 24, faced the audience’s ire post-eviction after a heated confrontation that saw the show’s live feed abruptly cut off. He acknowledged the tense dynamic with Trish Balusa and likened his personality to hers, reflecting on how they often ruffled each other’s feathers in the house.

Expressing his views post-eviction, Paul emphasised that despite his camaraderie with dancer Olivia, their relationship was strictly platonic due to his commitment to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dylan, 39, also exited the house, admitting his expectation of the eviction and attributing his departure to a tense moment with fellow housemates.

In his account, Dylan acknowledged his clash with housemates Trish and Noky during a task, and later, his accusation of “black-on-black” crime led to his nomination and eventual eviction.

Acknowledging his behaviour, Dylan expressed regret for his outburst, apologising for his actions that might have contributed to his eviction.


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