Married At First Sight Georges fumes as Peggy’s dad imposes strict bedroom rule at homestay

In an exclusive look into the upcoming episode of E4’s “Married At First Sight UK,” a new challenge emerges for Peggy Rose and Georges Bert. As their relationship hit a significant stride by sharing an intimate moment during homestay week, the couple faces a hurdle when Georges visits Peggy’s family home in Kent, where the 32-year-old lives with her parents.

In a preview clip shared exclusively with the Mirror, Peggy and Georges are seen meeting her parents, Pat and Jimmy, who unexpectedly reveal that the couple won’t share a bed under their roof. Peggy’s dad casually directs Georges to the sofa to sleep, stating, “On the sofa, that’s where he’s sleeping!” It becomes evident that Peggy’s parents are serious about keeping the couple apart during the homestay, impacting their intimacy and presenting an unforeseen challenge.

The homestays on the E4 reality show aim to offer partners an insight into each other’s real-life homes, away from the experimental setting, providing a glimpse of life as a couple in the outside world. When Peggy shows Georges her bedroom and he lies down on the mattress, he is taken aback, asking, “Was your dad being serious about sleeping in a different room?” A baffled Peggy confirms that it is true, adding, “Oh yeah. I’ll show you where your room is.”

In the upcoming episode, Georges expresses his dismay, stating, “I never thought when we got to homestays I would be staying in a spare room.” While acknowledging that he has to respect Peggy’s father’s rules, Georges expresses disappointment and remarks, “No other previous partner has ever stayed in Peggy’s room, so why should it be different for me?” He points to his wedding ring and emphasises, “That’s why!”

However, his allocated room is placed at a considerable distance from Peggy’s, which seems to be part of her father’s strategy. Peggy and Georges have faced difficulties in forming a stronger connection, particularly after Georges made an unconventional statement about “squatting on camera” during his online gaming sessions, a declaration that has left Peggy embarrassed and frustrated.

Although their relationship showed some progress during a previous overnight stay at Georges’ house, where they shared an intimate moment, the couple’s deeper connection faces an uncertain future. As Peggy continues to struggle with Georges’ confession, the upcoming episode may highlight whether the couple’s relationship will evolve or if Peggy’s parents, who were initially against the marriage, will impact their dynamic. Georges, resigned to the situation, acknowledges, “OK. His house, his rules,” while hinting at his true feelings about the situation in a later interview.


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