Grandpa Who Ate Paint Thinking it was Yoghurt has Died

The passing of Bobby, the endearing grandpa who unwittingly became an internet sensation after consuming paint he mistook for yogurt, has brought sadness as revealed by his granddaughter.

Back in 2019, a photo posted by Alex Stein, Bobby’s grandchild, catapulted him into social media stardom when she shared a humorous image of his mint green lips after he mistakenly ingested half a tub of paint, believing it to be a delicious snack. The viral tweet, garnering a staggering 518K likes and 179K retweets, humorously detailed Bobby’s mix-up.

In a follow-up post during that time, Alex humorously noted that despite the paint mishap, her then-90-year-old grandpa, Bobby, appeared to have a resilient stomach, as his insides seemed unperturbed by the unusual “dessert.”

Tragically, the beloved internet sensation, Bobby, peacefully passed away in his sleep earlier this year.

Alex shared the heartrending news via an emotional Instagram post on November 2, coinciding with what would have been Bobby’s 92nd birthday. The tribute included a touching compilation of Bobby’s videos and pictures, commemorating his life, emphasizing the joy he brought to many.

In her Instagram post, Alex commemorated Bobby’s rich and fulfilling life, spanning various roles as a doctor, musician, father, and grandfather. She recalled his penchant for making people laugh and the immense joy he derived from having the internet as his audience, expressing gratitude for the unwavering support Bobby received over the years.

Following Bobby’s passing, an outpouring of tributes flooded in for the beloved icon. Supporters extended their condolences, reminiscing about the laughter and joy Bobby brought into their lives through his unique antics.

Expressions of fondness and admiration filled social media. From admiration for his vibrant personality to gratitude for the laughter he shared, many celebrated the life of this extraordinary figure.

Remembering Bobby’s humor and the legacy he leaves behind, social media users conveyed messages of appreciation, love, and fond memories.

Bobby’s foray into social media after his inadvertent viral fame was marked by an Instagram account, where he shared glimpses of his life and humor, playfully identifying himself as a “Retired psychiatrist, yogurt connoisseur, and your grandma’s favorite meme.”

Reflecting on his genuine love for yogurt, his granddaughter humorously highlighted his obsession, sharing anecdotes of his preference for vanilla Danon yogurt. Alex emphasized Bobby’s natural inclination to entertain, regardless of the nature of the laughter, embodying a spirit that was open to making people smile.

In celebrating Bobby’s life, it’s evident that his legacy of laughter and joy will endure, continuing to bring smiles to those who cherished his presence in the digital sphere. Rest in peace, Bobby, and may the laughter you shared live on eternally.


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