ITV2 Big Brother Hit WIth 1,000 Ofcom Complaints as Fans Slam Bullying among Housemates

ITV’s Big Brother has been barraged with a substantial 1,000 complaints to Ofcom in a week, largely stemming from concerns over bullying incidents within the house among various contestants.

Numerous instances within the reality show have drawn heavy criticism, triggering viewers’ discontent about certain housemates allegedly bullying their fellow participants. Notably, a specific incident between Jenkin and Tom and their behaviour towards housemate Yinrun drew significant attention from the audience due to what was described as “disgusting” actions. This came after a house task where Yinrun, who had successfully completed a secret mission, was allowed to select only six people to join her party. Unfortunately, Paul was left out, which led to a chain of antagonistic behaviours.

Paul, feeling excluded from the party, decided to disrupt the celebration by throwing cling film balls and then directed derogatory remarks at Noky, labelling her as “weird” and insinuating her strangeness by pointing out her silent stares. Trish, intervening to protect her housemate, confronted Paul, accusing him of bullying Noky. The situation escalated, with Paul denying the accusation, leading Trish to assert that Paul was fully aware of his bullying behavior.

This conflict, marked by bitterness and animosity, gathered 97 complaints, leading to Big Brother discontinuing the live feed during this intense argument. Moreover, complaints regarding Olivia, Tom, Jenkin, and Chanelle’s conduct towards Trish and Noky also amassed, generating 50 complaints. Earlier, Paul, Olivia, and Tom had intentionally caused disruptions during the night to instigate tension, prompting 62 complaints on November 3. Paul’s behavior particularly was again in the spotlight, accumulating 161 complaints in a single day.

The distressing impact of the bullying was evident as Noky was shown breaking down in tears, revealing that the security officer, Paul, had repeatedly targeted her. This deeply moved the viewers, prompting calls for intervention from the production team.

A tearful Noky expressed to Big Brother her emotional turmoil, revealing her perception that Paul had unfairly formed a negative opinion about her without any substantial evidence. She felt trapped in a cycle where every action she took was misinterpreted by him, causing constant accusations that were detrimental to her well-being. Despite her desire for a positive and enjoyable experience in the house, she felt that Paul’s actions were preventing her from having such an experience.


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