The Marvels Opens with One of the Lowest Rotten Tomatoes Scores in the MCU

Marvel’s latest cinematic venture, “The Marvels,” has stirred discussions far before its official release. This latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a topic of controversy among early critics, as initial reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes site have awarded it a modest 54% rating.

The early feedback is less than positive, with The Marvels ranking as the third lowest-rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes despite not yet hitting theaters. Among the influx of critical reviews preceding its November 9th theatrical release, one viewer harshly labeled it a “mediocre superhero flick,” pointing out lackluster character development, humor that misses the mark, and an unconvincing mix of end-of-the-world scenarios and lightheartedness.

Another review granted the movie a mere 2/10, criticizing it as a jumbled story full of tired superhero clichés within a franchise that has lost its once innovative and engaging essence.

Social media has buzzed with reactions to the movie’s unfavorable early reception. Fans expressed their confusion about how a Marvel film received such a low rating, attributing this to recent downturns in the quality of Disney and Marvel’s releases.

Of the MCU’s 33 movies, “The Marvels” holds the 31st spot in terms of ratings, a surprising position given its star-studded lead, Brie Larson. Only “Eternals” with a dismal 47% and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” at 46% sit lower in the rankings.

In contrast, the top-rated MCU movies, like “Black Panther” (96%), “Avengers: Endgame” (94%), and “Iron Man” (94%) have consistently scored high marks.

Despite the negative reviews, some have come to the defense of “The Marvels.” A Rotten Tomatoes contributor, for instance, gave it a respectable 7/10, commending the characters and performances for compensating for the film’s flaws. Another viewer praised it as a return to the essence of storytelling by focusing on the leading ladies, dubbing the movie a genuinely enjoyable return to form for the MCU.

These mixed reactions have intensified the anticipation for the film’s official release, with some criticizing its shortcomings while others praise its strengths, leaving moviegoers in suspense over the movie’s true impact and entertainment value.


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