E4 Married at First Sight UK Star Treated by Medic after Heartbreaking Dumping

As Married At First Sight UK approaches its final week, one of the show’s stars, Thomas Kriaras, reveals the emotional aftermath of his heart-wrenching breakup with Rozz Darlington, which left him seeking medical assistance to cope with the overwhelming emotional pain.

Thomas and Rozz’s relationship had a rocky start, marked by uncertainty about each other as potential life partners. Despite the initial awkwardness, they worked hard to build a connection with the guidance of the show’s experts, eventually forming a loving bond that captivated viewers and fellow contestants alike. However, their journey took a downturn during Homestay Week, as Rozz struggled to navigate their relationship in the real world beyond the confines of the experimental setting.

The heartbreaking breakup prompted Thomas and Rozz to face the final commitment ceremony, where they would explain the reasons behind their separation. Positioned as the last couple to sit on the sofa, a teary-eyed Rozz made a shocking revelation—she realized she didn’t want to have children with Thomas. The emotional impact of this revelation was palpable, with Thomas visibly affected by the unexpected news. Seven months after the filming concluded, Thomas opened up about the intense emotional toll he experienced during and after the commitment ceremony.

Reflecting on that challenging day, Thomas disclosed to The Mirror, “When Rozz and I made the decision on the couch, we were saying goodbye to everyone.” He recounted reaching Paul and JJ, hugging Paul tightly, and breaking down into tears. Overwhelmed by grief, Thomas had to be assisted by medics to leave the commitment ceremony due to the intense emotional pain he was enduring. Describing the experience, he shared, “I felt like someone had died. That’s how I felt. It felt like I was grieving so hard.”

Despite the profound sadness, Thomas emphasised that, strangely, he was happy with himself as a person at that point. He found happiness through his experience with Rozz and the process of self-discovery. The complex emotions lingered, creating a unique blend of happiness and deep sorrow.

Thomas clarified that there is no animosity between him and Rozz, emphasizing their continued friendship. He understood Rozz’s decision to end their relationship, expressing that he was “never hurt” by her actions. He acknowledged the difficulty of the situation and recognized that Rozz had done what she believed was the right thing.

In sharing the aftermath of his heartbreaking experience on Married At First Sight UK, Thomas offers a glimpse into the emotional complexities that contestants face as they navigate the challenges of love and separation on a public platform.


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