Underrated TV Series with 90% on Rotten Tomatoes Dubbed the ‘Best Show You’ve Never Seen’

The often-overlooked gem of a TV series starring Anthony Starr, renowned for his role as the corrupt superhero Homelander in Prime Video’s hit series “The Boys,” has earned the title of the “best show you’ve never seen.” As fans eagerly await the fourth season of “The Boys,” slated for 2024, they find solace in discovering another captivating series featuring the New Zealand actor—Banshee.

“Banshee,” a gripping action series that aired from 2013 to 2016, spans four seasons and 38 episodes. The narrative unfolds as a mysterious ex-convict (Starr) makes his way to the serene town of Banshee. Assuming the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood, the town’s deceased police chief, he seeks refuge from the ruthless crime lord Rabbit (Ben Cross). The intricate plot weaves in Hood’s former lover and accomplice, Rabbit’s daughter Anastasia (Ivana Miličević), who has also assumed a new identity in Banshee, creating a new life alongside Gordon Hopewell (Rus Blackwell), the district attorney.

As Hood endeavours to reconcile with his past and navigate his new identity, he enforces his distinct brand of justice while grappling with criminal activities alongside partners Job (Hoon Lee) and Sugar (Frankie Faison). This brings him into conflict with the powerful local kingpin Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen).

Despite its undeniable quality, “Banshee” has remained under the radar for many viewers. The series boasts an impressive 90% Rotten Tomatoes score, an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb, and an 8.8/10 on IGN, garnering praise from critics and audiences alike. The Independent’s Sarah Hughes lauds “Banshee” as “one of the best TV shows you’ve never seen,” describing it as “pulp television at its best.”

Allison Keene of Collider notes, “Banshee’s story is full of twists and unexpected connections, as well as its telltale brutal violence,” while Dan Buffa of KSDK News emphatically calls it “the best show on television.”

Ken Tucker from Yahoo! TV echoes the sentiment, stating, “The series remains the best action show on TV by far.” Fans, too, have become fervent advocates for the show, with one person praising its grittiness, exceptional acting, and well-executed storyline, while another commends it as a “very original and engaging show.”

In light of the overwhelming acclaim, “Banshee” stands as a testament to the captivating storytelling prowess of Anthony Starr and the creative minds behind the series. As fans seek their next binge-worthy obsession, “Banshee” emerges from the shadows as an exhilarating yet underrated masterpiece, ready to captivate audiences with its over-the-top plot lines, dynamic characters, and relentless action scenes. For those yet to experience its thrills, “Banshee” awaits as the best-kept secret in television that deserves to be uncovered.

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