Married at First Sight UK participant Jay Howard found herself in the middle of pregnancy rumours after a photo sparked speculation among fans. Addressing the speculation on her Instagram Stories, Jay, who was matched with Luke Worley on the show, made it clear that she is not expecting.

In her Instagram Stories, Jay addressed the comments surrounding a specific photo, emphasising that assumptions about pregnancy should not be made lightly. She wrote, “I’ve seen a lot of comments about this photo! Just to clarify I’m NOT pregnant, I’m just not a size 8, and Rozz likes to touch my tummy. Don’t just assume someone is pregnant!” The clarification aimed to dispel any misunderstandings and put an end to the pregnancy speculation.

The photo in question was shared on Instagram by fellow MAFS UK bride Ella Morgan during a night out in Manchester. The image captured Jay standing between Ella and co-star Rozz Darlington, with Rozz placing her hand on Jay’s stomach and smiling. This gesture led fans to speculate about a possible pregnancy, prompting questions in the comment section about why Rozz would touch Jay’s tummy.

Jay took the opportunity to respond directly to fans’ comments, humorously emphasising that she is not pregnant and shedding light on Rozz’s fondness for touching her tummy. In a comment, she wrote, “Just to clarify I’m not pregnant haha,” accompanied by a laugh emoji. She added, “[Rozz] just likes to touch my tummy haha xx.”

Jay’s journey on Married at First Sight UK took an unexpected turn in October when her partner, Luke, engaged in a physical altercation with Jordan Gayle. The altercation ensued after Jay revealed that Jordan had suggested Luke had called her a walkover. Luke confronted Jordan, leading to a brawl in which the two literally butted heads. The intense situation resulted in Jay and Luke being removed from the show, marking a dramatic exit for the couple.


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