Viewers of Married At First Sight UK were left disheartened on Thursday night as they tuned in for the season finale only to find a notable absence among the cast during the final reunion ceremony. The missing groom, Arthur, who had gained popularity for his entertaining personality and humorous one-liners, left fans expressing their disappointment on social media.

As the cast reunited with the experts to reflect on their journey in the experiment and share insights gained from their relationships, fans noticed that Laura, Arthur’s former partner, was left alone during her segment, with Arthur nowhere to be seen. Despite not finding lasting love in the experiment, Arthur had developed a significant fanbase, and viewers were quick to express their feelings about his absence.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), fans shared their disappointment at not seeing “King Arthur” in the final reunion. One fan wrote, “I’m gutted Arthur isn’t there. He’s a scream! #MAFSUK,” while another added, “Ahhh man!! Arthur not being there. We’re being robbed!!”

Expressing dismay, a third fan commented, “Oh no Arthur? Gutted tbh #MAFSUK,” and another viewer wrote, “I love Arthur! It would have been nice to see him at the final reunion, but I guess he’s checked out & moved on. I just hope he finds someone who loves him for him, as he’s adorable.”

Amid the disappointment, fans reminisced about Arthur’s unique contributions to the show. One fan remarked, “Honestly, I miss Arthur. He would’ve given us a couple of gems tonight.”

Arthur, the Polish-born tennis coach, had been partnered with finance manager Laura in the experiment. Unfortunately, their romance did not stand the test of time, and they decided to part ways during the final vows ceremony. While Arthur was willing to continue their relationship outside the experiment, Laura chose to end their marriage, expressing concerns about losing herself in the process.

Following the heartbreak, Arthur, though feeling like “crap,” respected Laura’s decision. Despite the somber note on which their experiment ended, Arthur had previously left a lasting impression on viewers during the reunion dinner party with his unconventional fashion choice. While the rest of the cast opted for formal attire, Arthur made a statement by donning a black vest and blue jeans, playfully sharing on Instagram, “THE BIG REUNION so the vest had to come out.”

As the curtain closed on this season of Married At First Sight UK, fans couldn’t help but express their lingering fondness for the charismatic and unique presence of Arthur in the show.


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