The 2023 season of I’m A Celebrity has just begun, and fans are already placing their bets on the potential queen of the jungle. YouTube sensation Nella Rose, 26, made a dazzling debut 2,000 miles away from the camp during Sunday’s launch episode, and viewers were quick to express their enthusiasm for the social media star.

During the first challenge, hosted by Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, Nella, along with Nigel Farage, 59, and Josie Gibson, 38, faced a trial that involved poking their heads through ‘hell holes’ filled with snakes to retrieve tokens. The aim was to earn time for the other celebrities to win their challenges and secure meals for the camp.

As Nella appeared on screens for the first time, fans flooded social media with predictions and admiration. One Twitter user exclaimed, “Are we looking at the winner of I’m A Celeb 2023?” Another fan expressed being “obsessed” with Nella, deeming her “brilliant.” A third declared, “I adore Nella with every fiber of my being, if she doesn’t win, I’m coming for blood.”

The enthusiastic response from fans reflects the growing popularity of Nella, known for her engaging YouTube content. With over 750,000 subscribers and 81 million views, she has become an internet sensation. Nella’s chatty videos, covering topics such as “Growing up in an African household” and “Things girls do that boys don’t like,” resonate with a broad audience, particularly among young viewers.

The influencer’s journey to stardom has been marked by brand deals with major names like KFC and Sky, as well as co-hosting Catfish UK on MTV. Nella’s rise to fame, however, has not been without challenges. Born Nella Rose Hollela in Belgium, she moved to Northwest London with her Congolese mother and older brother at the age of seven. Overcoming obstacles, including adapting to a British accent, Nella has now achieved financial success, recently purchasing her first London property.

The I’m A Celebrity producers strategically included Nella in the lineup, banking on her internet stardom to attract a younger audience to the show. As the season progresses, viewers will eagerly watch to see if Nella fulfills the early predictions and emerges as the queen of the jungle.


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