After capturing the hearts of viewers on the eighth series of Married at First Sight UK, Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau have provided an exclusive relationship update in a recent interview with Digital Spy. The couple, who said ‘yes’ during the final commitment ceremony, revealed that they are still together and shared delightful details about the continued blossoming of their relationship.

During the reunion episode, which aired on November 16, Peggy and Georges confirmed to the show’s experts that their love story had endured beyond the experiment. Georges expressed his positive relationship with Peggy’s family, highlighting the warm reception he receives, particularly from Peggy’s father. Peggy playfully shared, “I’d say the update in regards to your family is that your dad buys me gifts from the boot fair, and every time I come over, your mum insists on feeding me.”

Georges chimed in with a smile, “My dad loves me more than he loves Peggy!” Peggy added, “My mum doesn’t want Georges to leave the house now. Whenever Georges comes round and we’re planning to go out somewhere, she goes, ‘I’ll do the cup of tea, coffee and lunch.’ So we end up just staying in the kitchen for hours and talking with my mum. Or I’ll come downstairs and see Georges watching MAFS with her.”

The couple also discussed their future plans, offering insights into where they envision themselves a year from now. Peggy shared Georges’ desire to formalize their commitment in a traditional wedding ceremony, saying, “Georges actually said, ‘I really want to get married, when we get out of the process, and do it properly.’ And I said, ‘I feel like we’ve been married already.’ To me, that was as real as it gets in terms of a wedding day.”

However, Peggy acknowledged the significance of celebrating with their extended families, stating, “But it would be nice to have everybody there because I have got a big family… 168 cousins! Now I understand what Georges means and know it would be nice to have everybody there and do it properly. But yeah, living together and remarried to one another!”

The heartwarming update from Peggy and Georges showcases the enduring love that blossomed from their unconventional start on Married at First Sight UK. As fans continue to follow their journey, the couple’s commitment and shared joy provide a refreshing reminder of the genuine connections that can emerge from reality television matchmaking.


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