Matthew Perry’s Death Certificate Shares Further Insight into Friends Star’s Tragic Death

The release of Matthew Perry’s death certificate has shed light on certain aspects of the beloved Friends star’s tragic passing, yet questions linger as the official cause of death remains under investigation. The document, obtained by The Blast, discloses pertinent details surrounding the events leading up to and following Matthew’s demise.

According to the death certificate, Keith Morrison, Matthew’s step-father and a renowned Dateline journalist, served as the informant. It confirms that Matthew Perry passed away at his Los Angeles home on October 28 at 4:17 p.m. PST. While initial reports suggested that Matthew’s live-in assistant, Kenny Iwamasa, discovered the actor’s lifeless body and called 911, these specifics are not confirmed by the death certificate.

The document also reveals that Matthew Perry was laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles during a funeral held on November 3. The ceremony was attended by family members, friends, and co-stars from Friends, who collectively mourned the loss of the talented actor.

Despite these disclosed details, the cause of Matthew Perry’s death remains a subject of ongoing investigation. Emergency responders initially addressed a water rescue situation, discovering Matthew deceased at the scene. However, authorities continue to evaluate the circumstances surrounding his passing.

The absence of drugs at the scene was initially reported by the police, and a recent toxicology report ruled out overdose from methamphetamine or fentanyl. Dr. Michael Baden, a former chief medical examiner, acknowledged that the investigative process had reached a critical point, stating, “They’ve got pretty much 99% of what they’re going to get at this point as far as information goes.”

However, the cause of death is presently marked as “deferred,” signifying that the investigation is ongoing and requires additional time for completion. Chief of Coroner’s Investigations Craig Harvey emphasized that tests are being conducted to ascertain if prescription drugs played a role. Notably, no foul play is suspected at this juncture.

The Friends cast, deeply affected by the loss, issued a joint statement expressing their profound grief. They highlighted the familial bond shared among the cast members, emphasizing that they are more than just colleagues. As they navigate this unfathomable loss, the Friends family collectively takes a moment to grieve and process the profound impact of Matthew Perry’s passing.


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