MAFS Star Georges Berthonneau Reveals ‘Emotional Damage’ in Marriage to Peggy Rose

Married At First Sight UK star Georges Berthonneau has opened up about the “emotional damage” he experienced in his marriage to Peggy Rose. Despite the challenges, the couple insists that their relationship remains strong.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Peggy and Georges reflected on their time on the E4 dating series. In a TikTok video, they were asked to sum up their experience in one word without consulting each other. Both independently chose “rollercoaster.” However, Georges added a more biting label to their journey, stating, “It was, yeah. Emotional damage.”

Surprisingly, Peggy didn’t take offence and responded, “Up and down. And round and round, and back again.” Georges further elaborated, “But a journey that we don’t want to get off. I had a sneaky feeling you were going to write that. Because I would always say to you this is like an emotional rollercoaster.”

When questioned about the most challenging moment on the show, their answers diverged. Georges identified the homestay as his most difficult experience, while Peggy admitted finding it tough to hear the opinions of the rest of the cast about her husband.

Viewers of MAFS UK witnessed Georges facing a tough time at Peggy’s parents’ home, where he was scrutinised over his career as an online gamer. This had previously caused tension with Peggy due to a video of him squatting in a skimpy outfit for fans. Despite leaving the homestay alone, Peggy revealed that her mum had made Georges a bacon sandwich before his departure, and he had become a hit with her parents.

Georges amusingly shared, “Your dad buys me gifts from the boot fair, and every time I come over, your mum insists on feeding me.” Peggy affectionately added that her mum loves Georges, mentioning, “I’ll come downstairs and see Georges watching MAFS with her.”

Contrary to the challenges they faced on the show, the couple emphasised that their relationship is thriving. Peggy disclosed Georges’ desire to marry her again in the future, although she humorously remarked, “I feel like we’ve been married already.”

Additionally, they hinted at being aware of Shona Manderson’s secret relationship with Matt Pilmoor. Both Peggy and Georges had close friendships with Shona and Matt, respectively. Peggy expressed her love for Shona and wished her happiness, carefully avoiding giving away too many details.

Shona later confirmed to OK! that they had kept their relationship private while MAFS was airing. She described their relationship as healthy, happy, safe, and fun, expressing her appreciation for Matt. Shona proudly stated, “I’m proud to be his girlfriend, and it just works.”


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