Fans Cannot Believe How Old Usher Really Is After Guessing He’s In His 30s

Usher, the acclaimed singer set to dazzle at the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show, has fans marveling at his seemingly ageless appearance. As anticipation builds for his performance at Allegiant Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs, many are left guessing about his true age. Despite assumptions that he might be around 35, with some fans even suggesting he looks no older than 37 or 38, Usher is actually 45 years old, born in 1978. His youthful looks have even led some to jest that he’s too young to own a mortgage.

The performer’s age revelation comes just hours before he’s scheduled to take the stage, with rumors swirling about potential guest appearances by Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber, the latter already spotted in Las Vegas. Usher, who has been in the music industry for 30 years, was seen exuding style in a black leather coat during a Super Bowl performances press day at Mandalay Bay.

The halftime show, set to be broadcast by Apple Music, is not Usher’s first rodeo on such a grand stage. He previously joined during the Black Eyed Peas’ 2011 Super Bowl performance. This time around, Usher hints at using that experience as a “cheat sheet” for his upcoming show, promising a mix of his hits and possibly some surprises, much like Rihanna’s memorable pregnancy announcement during her performance last year.

The Super Bowl LVIII halftime show promises to be a spectacular event, showcasing Usher’s enduring talent and charisma. Fans eagerly await to see if he’ll bring the same magic to the stage that has kept him at the top of the music industry for three decades.

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