Love Island Fans Scream ‘Fix’ as Arabella and Adam are Sent Home Day before Final

Love Island enthusiasts are fuming as they approach the All-Stars finale, convinced that another couple deserved elimination before Arabella Chi and Adam Maxted. In a dramatic turn of events on Sunday night’s episode, the All-Stars contestants were greeted with a surprising twist as all former islanders made a return for one final game. However, the reunion was far from harmonious as they were tasked with voting off one of the last remaining couples.

Arabella expressed frustration as she and Adam faced repeated votes due to their shorter duration together, denouncing the decisions as ‘s**t’. Ultimately, Joe Garratt cast the deciding vote in a tiebreaker, resulting in Arabella and Adam’s departure over Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk.

Later, in a conversation with Maya Jama, Arabella criticized the move as a ‘cop out’, with both her and Adam failing to perceive the ‘romantic side’ of Georgia and Anton. Fans swiftly echoed their sentiments.

“Voting out Arabella and Adam was such a cop out,” one fan voiced on X. “They have more chemistry in their little toes than Georgia H has had for Anton this entire series.”

“How did Arabella and Adam lose over Anton and Georgia, and Callum and Jess didn’t get a single vote?” another questioned.

A third commenter stated: “The people who voted Arabella and Adam were cowards to be honest. Anton and Georgia H were RIGHT there!”

“Arabella and Adam should not have been going home,” wrote a fourth. “We all know there is one couple left, as individually popular as they are, who will NOT last a second on the outside.”

Nevertheless, it appears that everything unfolded for the best. Reflecting on her exit in an interview with The Sun, Arabella remarked, “At times I thought in the villa, how am I being as unlucky in love in here as outside? But when Adam walked through the door finally my luck changed.”


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