ITV Love Island All Star fans spot star fuming during final after Maya Jama drops huge news

Love Island All Star viewers didn’t hold back as they noticed Georgia Harrison’s apparent displeasure during the final moments of the ITV show.

The finale concluded with Georgia and Anton securing fifth place, leaving some viewers convinced that the couple was less than thrilled to have landed at the bottom of the rankings, especially as Sophie and Josh, Georgia Steele and Toby, Callum and Jess, and Molly and Tom outperformed them.

On social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Love Island enthusiasts shared their observations, highlighting Georgia and Anton’s demeanour. “Georgia is absolutely fuming omg,” one tweet read, while another remarked, “Georgia looks so angry and upset bless her.”

“Georgia and Anton look so uncomfortable and annoyed, oh dear. Trouble in paradise already,” quipped another viewer. “Guyysssss Georgia looks so fed up. It’s so obvious that her and Anton are gonna split so soon,” commented someone else.

Host Maya Jama guided viewers through the live action from the villa, which included highlights from the final day and a performance by Ella Henderson. However, amidst the anticipation for the results, some viewers expressed dissatisfaction with the pacing of the episode.

As the extended episode stretched until 10:35 pm on ITV2, fans grew impatient, finding the proceedings “boring” and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners. “I honestly believe this episode is the most boring episode I don’t care about their little dates just tell me who won and let it rest until the summer,” one viewer tweeted, while another pleaded, “Please just tell us who the winners are.” A third echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “Who asked for another bloody pool party?? Just fast forward to the results.”


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