Jenna Dewan Demands 50% of Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Money After She Brutally Slams Him

As the divorce proceedings between Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan continue, the division of profits from the “Magic Mike” franchise has become a contentious issue. Filed in 2018, their divorce has extended over several years due to disputes over asset distribution. Jenna Dewan has recently made a significant claim for half of Channing Tatum’s earnings from “Magic Mike,” asserting that the franchise was developed during their marriage, thereby making it a marital asset.

Dewan’s legal team argues that the entire “Magic Mike” concept, referred to as an “intellectual property asset,” was created within the duration of their marriage. They are pushing for a separate trial to specifically address the division of profits from the franchise, which has expanded beyond the films to include a reality TV show and a Las Vegas live show. According to court documents, Tatum is accused of transferring a portion of the profits into third-party accounts, complicating the financial landscape and, Dewan alleges, concealing the true value derived from the franchise.

In response, Tatum’s attorneys have refuted the need for a separate trial concerning the “Magic Mike” assets and deny the allegations that Tatum obscured financial details related to the franchise’s profits. They emphasize that Dewan has had full access to all financial records during and post their separation and assert that Tatum has not denied Dewan any entitled community assets.

This legal battle underscores the complexities involved when personal relationships and professional enterprises intersect, especially under the scrutiny of public and legal examination. The case also highlights the challenges of determining the value and ownership of creative work made during a marriage, a common issue in divorces involving individuals in creative fields. As the proceedings continue, both parties remain in a stalemate over how the profits, deeply intertwined with their personal and professional lives, should be equitably divided.


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