Teenager Left Hanging By Broken Leg From Power Line After Car Crash

A teenager recounts the harrowing experience of being left dangling from a power line after a horrific car crash, describing the terrifying moments and her journey to recovery.

Kennedy Littledike, 19, found herself hanging 30ft in the air, her broken leg caught in the power line, following a devastating accident in Idaho on May 22, 2021. As she waited to be rescued, she vividly recalls feeling overwhelmed by the sight of her own blood, gushing from severe injuries sustained during the crash.

The accident, which sent Kennedy and her two friends flying out of the vehicle, left her with shattered vertebrae, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Miraculously, landing on the power line, although initially alarming, may have saved her life. The line acted as a tourniquet, pinching off the main artery in her leg and cauterizing the one in her arm, preventing further blood loss.

Despite facing the traumatic amputation of her leg and partial paralysis in her arm, Kennedy’s resilience shines through. Initially worried about finding love again, she now enjoys a fulfilling relationship with her boyfriend. Through over 21 surgeries and a grueling recovery process, she has emerged stronger and more determined.

Sharing her journey on social media, Kennedy has inspired many with her courage and perseverance. Embracing life with a prosthetic leg, she engages in activities like skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking, proving her resilience and determination to overcome any obstacle.

Reflecting on the scariest moments of the accident in a YouTube video, Kennedy recounts the confusion and fear of waking up on the wire, unsure of how she got there and why no one was helping her down. Determined to stay composed and avoid crying, she faced the ordeal with remarkable strength.

Flashbacks of the accident still haunt Kennedy, particularly triggered by emergency service lights and sirens. Despite these challenges, she remains determined to move forward, embracing life with courage and resilience.

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