Jeffrey Dean Morgan Voted 7th Hottest Actor Over 40

Based on a combination of popularity and looks, the internet has come together to determine the top 22 hottest male actors over 40 for 2024.

With names like Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman on the list, it’s clear that voters faced a tough decision in crowning the hottest of them all.

Without further ado, starting at number 22:

22/22 Ryan Gosling Starting with the obvious – he’s a Hollywood heartthrob.

Gosling’s appearance has charmed audiences for years, and he has an undeniable charm.

He often exudes a quiet confidence both on screen and in interviews.

Beyond acting, Gosling is known for his kindness.

Stories of him helping people in real life and speaking out about social issues abound.

He’s also a devoted family man.

21/22 James Marsden Marsden is often noted for his classic good looks and bright smile.

In addition to acting, Marsden can sing and dance.

He showcased these talents in movies like Hairspray and Dead to Me, adding to his appeal.

While not as widely known as some A-listers, his talent, good looks, and likability have earned him a dedicated fanbase.

20/22 Oscar Isaac Isaac’s charm is undeniable on screen.

This magnetism draws viewers in and makes them care about the characters he plays.

Isaac is also a musician, evident in his role in Inside Llewyn Davis where he performed all the songs himself.

His striking facial features, piercing gaze, and smile are often mentioned.

19/22 Idris Elba Elba has charisma and screen presence that are hard to ignore.

He’s often seen as a style icon and is known for his confidence.

Elba is widely considered very handsome.

He has been voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by several publications.

His classically handsome face, strong features, chiselled jawline, and piercing eyes are complemented by his tall and muscular physique.

18/22 Matthew McConaughey McConaughey’s career has been fascinating.

Starting as a rom-com heartthrob, he later took on more complex roles.

He’s known for his laid-back, Southern charm.

His public appearances are often entertaining, with his signature “alright alright alright” phrase.

17/22 Orlando Bloom Bloom gained fame playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean.

These roles established him as a heartthrob for many.

His symmetrical features, including his jawline, cheekbones, and eyes, are often seen as attractive.

16/22 Dwayne Johnson Known for his tough-guy roles, Johnson can also be funny and heartwarming.

He’s shown his range in films like Jumanji and Moana.

He’s a devoted father to his daughters, which endears him to many fans.

His dedication to fitness has given him a toned and muscular physique, which many find appealing.

15/22 Pedro Pascal Fans perceive Pascal as genuine and kind, someone who appreciates his fans and doesn’t take his success for granted.

This humility resonates with many.

He has a confident yet approachable air and a classically handsome appearance.

He’s seen as a talented actor, a funny and kind person, and someone who uses his platform for good.

14/22 John Stamos Stamos’ iconic role as Uncle Jesse on Full House is a major reason for his enduring popularity.

He maintains a generally clean-cut public image compared to some Hollywood stars.

Fans see him as genuine and approachable, appreciating his fans and not taking himself too seriously.

13/22 George Clooney Clooney is a respected actor with a diverse filmography, from charming romcoms to action flicks to acclaimed dramas.

He consistently delivers captivating performances and is also a talented director and producer, showcasing his well-rounded filmmaking skills.

His timeless salt-and-pepper charm has only grown more distinguished with age.

12/22 Josh Duhamel Duhamel’s classic good looks and charisma draw people in.

He has a friendly and approachable demeanour, making him easy to like.

He offers a package deal: talent, good looks, charm, and a down-to-earth personality.

11/22 Brad Pitt Pitt has classically handsome features, a charming smile, and a captivating presence.

He’s more than just a pretty face, delivering strong performances in a wide range of films.

Before acting, Pitt did some modelling in the late 1980s to support himself while breaking into Hollywood.

10/22 Gerard Butler Butler is often seen as down-to-earth and possesses a rugged charm that many find attractive.

His Scottish accent and heritage add to his allure, as does his confident personality.

9/22 Shemar Moore Moore is considered very attractive by many, with his physical appearance playing a significant role in his popularity, especially early in his career.

His inviting smile is a powerful tool for attractiveness.

8/22 Johnny Depp Depp’s early roles in 21 Jump Street and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape established him as a teen idol and Hollywood heartthrob.

He often takes on eccentric, quirky, or strange characters, which refreshes audiences and keeps his filmography interesting.

While his looks have matured, he’s maintained a certain charm.

7/22 Jeffrey Dean Morgan Morgan’s looks have matured over time, with his salt-and-pepper hairstyle and beard adding a layer of maturity and experience.

His “silver fox” look is attractive to many, and he often carries himself with confidence.

6/22 Paul Rudd Rudd’s enduring good looks are complemented by his genuine and friendly smile, making him approachable.

Even in his 50s, Rudd seems to defy aging, with a youthful energy and a charming smile.

Despite his celebrity status, he comes across as humble and genuine.

5/22 Keanu Reeves Despite his A-list status, Reeves avoids Hollywood extravagance.

He’s rocked different styles throughout his career, from clean-cut to long and scruffy, showcasing his adaptability.

Reeves has shown a kind soul, with his gentleness towards children and animals winning over many hearts.

4/22 Bradley Cooper Cooper’s appeal is multifaceted.

He can make audiences laugh with his comedic timing and quick wit.

Known for being kind and genuine in interactions with fans and colleagues, he maintains a youthful charm and takes care of himself.

3/22 Patrick Dempsey Nicknamed “McDreamy,” Dempsey is a talented actor with a charming personality and seemingly down-to-earth demeanor.

In 2023, People magazine named him their “Sexiest Man Alive.” He joked that he felt like he’d “always been the bridesmaid” before finally winning the title!

2/22 Robert Downey Jr. Throughout his career, Downey Jr. has rocked different styles, from clean-cut to goatee and sunglasses.

His sharp wit and confident demeanor add magnetism, making him funny and engaging.

His undeniable talent and ability to embody diverse characters make him captivating to watch.

Even arrogant characters like Tony Stark have a certain charm thanks to his portrayal.

1/22 Hugh Jackman Jackman’s appeal is a blend of talent, charm, and a down-to-earth personality.

He’s a true triple threat – he can act, sing, and dance with incredible skill.

Known for his infectious enthusiasm and positive energy, he can pull off various styles, from clean-cut to rugged.

He stays in good physical shape and is devoted to his family, adding a wholesome quality to his image.

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