For the record, I love sleep.

I know that sounds like an obvious statement but I really am a notorious cat-napper; my flatmates and girlfriend are constantly having a go at me for catching a few z’s when I get in from work or nodding off in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

So shoot me; I’m not doing any harm to anyone, I feel good, look great, and it makes me fresh and alert to bring you, the people, astounding written #content.

But on a serious note, getting enough sleep really is vitally important.

Sleep deprivation has serious consequences for your body and brain, and if you aren’t getting at least seven hours a night you’re doing damage to both.

According to Business Insider , these are the 30 biggest health implications of not getting at least 7 hours a night:

1. A higher risk of certain cancers

2. Your skin ages as it doesn’t heal as well from damage when you’re tired

3. Tired people have cravings and struggle to control their impulses, leading to unhealthy behaviour and weight gain

4. You feel lonelier – and lonelier people struggle to sleep as it (it’s a vicious cycle)

5. Sleep deprivation can wreck your short-term memory; sleep deprived adults struggle to remember things

6. Oh, and it can also cause long-term memory damage too

7. Growing evidence links bad sleep with signs of Alzheimer’s

8. A rise in the risk of heart disease

9. Increased irritability

10. Hallucinations can be incurred from sleep-deprivation

11. You have slower reactions

12. And so people are clumsier and prone to making errors

13. Your immune system doesn’t work as well

14. Overtired people are also more susceptible to colds

15. It can drain your sex drive and make you de-motivated to try having sex

16. Insomniacs are twice as likely to develop depression and be unhappy

17. You’re at a risk of developing type 2 diabetes

18. Your decision making skills are affected, putting lives and finance in danger

19. You’re easily distracted: Ii you want to stay alert and attentive, sleep is a requirement

20. Being tired can affect your ability to form conversation

21. It can lead to more car accidents

22. Urine overproduction – this may lead you to using the bathroom numerous times per night

23. Lack of sleep makes it harder for your body to build muscle and heal

24. Sleepiness makes pain harder to cope with

25. Regular sleep loss makes you more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome

26. You’re more likely to get headaches

27. Tiredness can lead to lead to more inflammation, which could worsen asthma, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease

28. Snoring can also lead to health implications as the decreased airflow can strain the heart and cause cardiovascular problems

29. It can affect your genetic activity and make them act abnormally, including some that help govern immune and stress responses

30. And, finally, you’re more likely to die

So there you have it; as it turns out, sleep is pret-ty important.

Go get yours.

H/T: Business Insider

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